Zog Nit Keynmol – The Poem

Here is an idea for your school students or youth group:

Recite the poem, Zog Nit Keynmol, written by Hirsh Glik 20, in the Vilna ghetto in 1943.

Do it in your own language!

And then SHARE it with us!

The song is the anthem of the Survivors. With their rapidly diminishing numbers, we want our youth to continue the legacy.

Be creative like Giedrius Galvanauskas of Atzalynas Gymnasium in Kedainiai, Lithuania.

Inspired by his English teacher, Laima Ardaviciene, Giedrius used a Lithuanian translation, background music on (1) viola and (2) piano, with a backdrop of old images of his hometown, Kedainiai, and even added English subtitles.

The viola was played by Tzvi Friedl of Perth Australia.

Translated by Roza Tzvi Ben Litay and Sergey Kanovich

Wouldn’t it be great if you recited it in your own language and chose photos from your heritage town and then shared it around the world?

The viola version

The piano version

Here is Aaron Kremer’s English version by Freydl Mrocki of Shalom Aleichem College, Melbourne, Australia.

Tzvi Friedl on the viola

Atzalyno Gimnazija, Kedainiai, Lithuania

The students take me on a multicultural tour of Kedainai, the last stop being the two former synagogue complex, one of only a handful in Lithuania. The centre is run by Rimantas Zirgulis, director …

Source: elirab.me/my-bond-with-atzalyno-gimnazija-a-school-in-kedainiai-2/


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