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February / March 2020

Cape Town

Jewish Community of  Cape Town





Johannesburg, South Africa


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Lithuania Alita (Alytus) Aran (Varena) Balbieriškis Birzh (Birzai) Druskieniki (Druskininkai) Keidan (Kedainiai) Kibart (Kybartai) Kopcheve (Kapciamiestis)  Koshedar (Kaisiadorys) Mariampol (M…


WE ARE HERE! In South Africa

Human Rights and Social Justice Project

Eli Rabinowitz introduced his highly successful WE ARE HERE! Education Program to key educators and students while on a recent visit to Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Here are some photo highlights:

King David Victory Park, Johannesburg – Presentation

King David Linksfield – Leadership Meeting
Darryl Frankel, Shelly Freinkel, Myleen Ben Melech & Eli Rabinowitz

ORT SA – Johannesburg
With Marcelle and Ariella
With Marcelle & Tyde
ORT Honour Plaques
Evelyn Green & Russel Lurie.
A Possible Collaboration on a multi-language Partisans’ Song in the Future! 
United Herzlia Schools – Cape Town
Highlands House, Cape Town – Presentation

Slide Show Presentation

WE ARE HERE! Project Australia

WE ARE HERE! For Upstanders

WE ARE HERE! For Upstanders

For Upstanders – Founded by Eli Rabinowitz


The World Premiere of the four language Partisan Song

The World Premiere of the four language Partisan Song

Ellenbrook Secondary College & Carmel High School At Ellenbrook Secondary College 5 August 2019


Camps Bay At Sunset

Beautiful Sunset at Camps Bay Beach

2 March 2020

With Jill and Michelle

Camps Bay – Wikipedia

Camps Bay – Wikipedia

Camps Bay (Afrikaans: Kampsbaai) is an affluent suburb of Cape Town, South Africa, and the small bay on the west coast of the Cape Peninsula after which it is named. In summer it attracts many South African and foreign visitors.


Cape Town KehilaLink

Jewish Community of  Cape Town


Educational Projects in Lithuania

An email from Abel and Glenda Levitt

K’far Sava, Israel

Dear Birzaim,

The below e-mail and attachments were received today from Ingrida Vilkiene of Vilnius. Ingrida, the lady who introduced us to Birzai, heads the Kommisja’s educational projects. The Kommisija is a Lithuanian government body entrusted with the teaching of the Holocaust and the expulsion of Lithuanians to Siberia.

We have known Ingrida for many years and respect her for the quality of her work and her commitment to Holocaust Education in Lithuania..

Look carefully at the attachments, and read Ingrida’s comments about her programmes. The art work done by young Lithuanians who learn about the Jewish past, including their lives in towns and villages before the period of mass murder, is  of an extraordinary level, and the students and their teachers deserve much credit.

Try to share this mail plus attachments with family and friends so that they too may learn to appreciate the work of Tolerance Education in Lithuania.

We would appreciate your thoughts and comments, and your passing this on to family and friends around the world


Abel & Glenda Levitt

Dear Glenda and Abel,

I hope that you are well. I know that you follow about the situation in Lithuania and also, I think that you sometimes check our website and you know – what we do.

Now about the situation in Lithuania. At this moment – everything is connected with coronavirus and it isn’t funny, because today in Governmental building people said that all workers must be prepared to work from house, all conferences, commemorational and cultural events must be postponed.

I postponed all our activities in March – 2 seminars and one huge events, which is the final event of our project:

It is the project about Jewish history, culture and students sent to us drawings. 2 days ago I was in Kedainiai (we prepared the exhibition), but the final event, which was planned on 27th of March, we postponed 2 days ago also. Now we have plan to organize it on 24th of April, but we will see – how it be with this coronavirus. I added to this e-mail some drawings – just for your interest. Please, look especially it is for Glenda, because you are very close connected with art.

Also, we had plan to participate in the March of the Living in Poland. Almost everything was planned for that (I booked bus, hotels, I had teachers and students who were prepared for participation). Today I postponed it, because I got the information, that officially this event is postponed and the organizers have plan to make it on 22 of July (the date of liquidation of Warsaw Ghetto or 9 -10 November – the date of Kristallnight (in 1938). So, we will see, what happens in the future, but of course, our plan to visit with teachers and students Poland is still exists.

So, I added some drawings from this project to this e-mail.

Regards from Vilnius and take care.

Ingrida Vilkiene



Lithuania Alita (Alytus) Aran (Varena) Balbieriškis Birzh (Birzai) Druskieniki (Druskininkai) Keidan (Kedainiai) Kibart (Kybartai) Kopcheve (Kapciamiestis)  Koshedar (Kaisiadorys) Mariampol (M…



Thoughts in Corona Isolation 1: Lessons From The Holocaust

By Rabbi Yitschak Rudomin

First In A Series
A few days ago I emailed my doctor. I live in Flatbush, Brooklyn. I was due to attend the wedding of the youngest son of my next door neighbor. I asked my primary care physician if I could attend, given that so many communities were introducing restrictions, and also given my age, 67, and my underlying heart and other health conditions. He called me back personally in a flash and instructed me not to leave home under any circumstances until further notice. He told me he shut his local Brooklyn office indefinitely and that this past Shabbos the entire Far Rockaway area he lives in shut its Shulls and Yeshivas. So now I am confined to home and I am left with my thoughts and the ability to put “pen to paper” which I am now sharing with you.
I have been thinking for a while about the Corona virus crisis and what we can learn from it, that as we all know started in the city of Wuhan in China sometime in December 2019. But when I try to understand just how the current virus crisis started I find that there is hardly any focus on that question now. We have all heard the stories about how the virus came to attack humans in Wuhan after they ate bats (via ant-eaters!), or rats, or snakes or maybe dogs, (do they eat all this stuff with or without egg rolls, or in egg rolls??) all very odd “Chinese food”. And then there are the rumors and theories that the virus escaped from a high security bio-lab that does exist in Wuhan that infected locals and spread afar.
No one seems to know for sure. If you do a little research and Google the question “how did the Corona virus start” you get a variety of answers that reflect more the world view of the one giving the opinion than any objective truth. After all, in our times of the “relativity of truth” every scientist or theologian for that matter is convinced they have the monopoly on the truth.
So online you’ll find views that the virus “just happened” due to natural selection, mutation, splicing in a lab, evolution, animal borne diseases, climate change, government neglect, and all sorts of theories, just take your pick. The general trend though has been to exonerate China, because in the beginning it was called the Wuhan virus, but the Chinese government didn’t like that name, so they pushed the World Health Organization to rename it Covid 19 or whatever.
The crisis impacted me personally because for the past two years I have volunteered my time at the New York Holocaust Museum, located in Downtown Manhattan, it’s the 3rd largest in the world after Yad Vashem and the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. I specialize in leading tours of students from Yeshivos, Bais Yaakovs girls’ schools, and Jewish Day Schools of which there are plenty in the New York City metro area. The museum is currently hosting a major groundbreaking exhibit about the Auschwitz death camp.
In the course of my life as a Jewish Educator I have done most things. Taught at Jewish Day Schools, lectured on college campuses, Kiruv outreach for Jewish adults in Manhattan, taught crash courses in Hebrew and Judaism etc. But now I am able to focus on what I call “Positive Holocaust Education” since as the child of Holocaust survivors and having written my MA Thesis at Teachers College, Columbia University on “The Second World War and Jewish Education in America: The Fall and Rise of Orthodoxy” which I published online, the subject of the Holocaust is close to me in a very, very personal way.
Towards the end of every tour at the museum, in a section called “Persistence and Resistance” I stress to the students that they need to see the larger picture, that Jews were not just victims but where they were allowed to join the armies of the Allies they fought back and were VICTORIOUS. There were over half a million Jews in the American armed forces and at least half a million Jews fought in the Russian army, plus the Jewish soldiers in the British, Canadian, Australian, South African armies. From them would come many who fought for the establishment of Israel in 1948. And then the 6 million Jews who were murdered who themselves who are not mere “victims” but are regarded as KEDOSHIM “Holy Ones” in Judaism because they died Al Kiddush HaShem, for the Sanctification of the Name of God!
So now for me personally, that avenue of expression and interaction with students is temporarily closed as major institutions in New York City and across America and the world have been shut down to fight the Corona virus.
There is a lesson to be learned by everyone though. I mentioned to someone at the museum that the Corona virus is starting to remind me a little bit of the Holocaust, on a reduced scale of course. And it must be confronted just like the Holocaust, with fortitude, with a mental attitude of resistance, and finally for believing Jews with Kiddush HaShem, each to their own level.
People are scrambling for food and toilet paper in supermarkets. They are starting to empty banks of cash. Billionaires are running to “safety” in their doomsday shelters, ordinary citizens are panicking, many are under some degree of curfew now. It’s so easy to lose sight of the basics of Jewish Life and Faith. I am trying to live by that too, now that I am in isolation.

SA Jewish Life – New Book Launch

Tessa Posen’s Slide Show and narration
Book6 presentation online
Book 6 presentation narration
My Rabinowitz family of Volksrust -from the book:


Place name REGION            
VOLUME 6              
Southern Highveld              
AMERSFOORT S. HIGHVELD Beginderlyn Suidvaal Vlakpoort      
BALFOUR S. HIGHVELD Fortuna Grootvlei Leeuspruit      
BETHAL S. HIGHVELD Kalabasfontein Graspan Davel Maizefield Rietkuil  
BREYTEN S. HIGHVELD Bankfontein Estancia/








CAROLINA GREAT ESCARPMENT Chrissiesmeer Badplaas        
DELMAS S. HIGHVELD Argent Eloff Hawerklip Waaikraal/




DEVON S. HIGHVELD Toevlug          
ERMELO S. HIGHVELD Camden Sheepmoor Kafferspruit/




Die Pos Uitspanning Torbaniite
HEIDELBERG S. HIGHVELD Kliprivier          




S. HIGHVELD Driefontein Station/




Pullen’s Hope        
KINROSS S. HIGHVELD Evander Kriel        




MORGENZON S. HIGHVELD Blesbokspruit          
NIGEL S. HIGHVELD Dunnotar          
OGIES S. HIGHVELD Kendal          




S. HIGHVELD Bosmansfontein









Roberts Drift

Charl Cilliers










Kromdraai New Denmark
TRICHARDT S. HIGHVELD Secunda          
East Rand              
BENONI GAUTENG Apex Modderbee/



Modder B

Petit Putfontein    
BOKSBURG GAUTENG Angelo Witfield        
BRAKPAN GAUTENG Modrea          




GAUTENG Driefontein Station Delmore










Elsburg Geldenhuis Klippoortjie




GAUTENG Modderfontein Kaalfontein Zuurfontein/



Zuurfontein Station

SPRINGS GAUTENG Daggafontein Dersley Endicott Geduld Station    
Southern Great Escarpment              
PIET RETIEF GREAT ESCARPMENT Brereton Park Iswepe Kemp Siding      




Mid Rand              
IRENE GAUTENG Pinedene          
MIDRAND GAUTENG Knoppieslaagte          


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More on Cantor Harry Rabinowitz

Harry, mother – Chana Chesha Miriam, Leib, Rev Nachum Mendel and Isaac

Audio historical audio


Harry’s 17th Yahrzeit – tangential travel

Harry’s 17th Yahrzeit – tangential travel

tangential travel


Cape Town February 2020

Perth to Cape Town via Johannesburg – on SAA

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Presentation at Herzlia School on Defiance and the Bielski Partisans

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Tea at the Winchester Mansions Hotel, Sea Point

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Paragliders in front of the hotel

Queens Road, Sea Point 

My grandparents, Isocher and Chasal Zeldin’s house. Our drive to Hout Bay.

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Hout Bay

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