The Partisan Song in Australia


Last week I was given the opportunity to talk to Year 10s at Moriah College.

My thanks to Jewish studies teacher Hilary Kahn for setting this up.

The presentation was on The Partisan Song Project.

Here are some selected slides from my presentation:

Moriah-Keynote-Final-.001s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.002s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.003s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.004s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.008s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.011s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.017s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.024s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.025s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.026s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.028s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.030s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.031s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.032s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.034s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.037s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.038s Moriah-Keynote-Final-.039s ORT-CIM-Mexico
Phillip Maisel

Some photos from Moriah College:

IMG_6953 Moriah-0s Moriah-1s Moriah-2s IMG_6964 IMG_7704 IMG_7710 IMG_7714 IMG_7716
With Hilary Kahn & David Borecki
Yom Hashoah Yom Hashoah 2 Yom Hashoah 1

David Borecki at the Yom Hashoah Commemorations


Phillip Maisel

Freydi Mrocki


With Heiny Ellert

Limmud Oz – Perth

IMG_6805s photo 3 photo 5 IMG_6806s


Dylan Kotkis

Tzvi Friedl

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