Were you married at the Great Synagogue, Cape Town?

The Great Synagogue, Cape Town, aka the Gardens Shul, is celebrating 175 years.

Were you married at or through the shul in the past 175 years?

Please send your wedding photo to:


You are also invited to be in a group photo to be taken 30 minutes before the services commence on 6 November 2015.

Please read this notice.

Gardens image0011

Here are some memories of Jill and my wedding on 31 July 1977:



J & E Wedding 00ss

An audio of the shul service recorded on a reel to reel tape by my late aunt, Rachel Rabinowitz Herison.

mp3 of Cantor Max Badash and the choir – see sidebar on right.

A video taken by the late Basil Tyler, who inspired me years later, to film other simcha videos:

Here are more ideas for documenting one’s own history and journey:

elirab digital

My previous blog on the Gardens Shul:


The Cape Town KehilaLink and the history of the Gardens Shul:



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2 Replies to “Were you married at the Great Synagogue, Cape Town?”

  1. My husband Dr. leslie Dubowitz and I were married in the Great Synagogue on
    March 15 1970 by Rabbi Konvisser.
    My parents Marian Rose Schapera and Dr Israel Faiman were married by Rabbi Abrahams on March 12 1946. ( my mother is now 93 alive & living in Sea Point)
    My maternal grandparents Minnie Cecilia Tombuk and Max Schapera were married on March 24 1920 by Rabbi Bender ( I think)
    My paternal grandparents Sarah Lieba Labovitz and Max Faiman were married on February 14 1905 ( not sure of Rabbi)
    My sister Kareen Esther Faiman was married to Jonathan Witkin on February 18 1990 by Rabbi Suiza

  2. We are 3 generations that were married in the Great Synagogue.
    Sadly due to immigration the next generation are living overseas and therefore marrying where they now live.
    My own 2 daughters were married in Pennsylvania by a Chabad Rabbi Yosef Lipsker and my other daughter in Maryland by a Conservative Rabbi Shalva.

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