WE ARE HERE! Project Event #1

WE ARE HERE!- Professional learning event for teachers

WE ARE HERE!- Professional learning event for teachers

ECU’s School of Education is proud to host a free professional learning seminar to introduce teachers and educators to a social justice project designed to inspire young people with the confidence and ability to be “upstanders” rather than “bystanders”; to stand up in the face of prejudice and oppression in their communities. The WE ARE HERE! project is sponsored by funding provided by the United States Government. Using the stories of the Partisans in the forests during World War 2, WE ARE HERE! empowers young people to take steps to confront and combat acts of discriminatory prejudice and injustice with their voices and their actions. WE ARE HERE! aims to enable the individual to make a real difference towards the goals of social justice. For more information about WE ARE HERE! please visit the WAH Foundation website. About this seminar The seminar will be facilitated by Nance Adler, a highly experienced educator from the U.S. Nance is a Museum Teachers Fellow at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and a Powell Fellow at the Holocaust Centre for Humanity in Seattle.This professional learning seminar will also feature the short film “Ties That Bind” – a conversation between Aboriginal “upstander” William Cooper’s grandson Uncle Boydie and a Holocaust survivor . Attendees will be provided with a lesson plan and other resources to incorporate WE ARE HERE! into your classroom activities. This is a free professional learning event. Registrations and afternoon tea will begin at 3.30pm and the seminar will commence at 4.00pm – 5.00pm.

Source: www.eventbrite.com.au/e/we-are-here-professional-learning-event-for-teachers-tickets-63414518532?utm_campaign=reminder_attendees_48hour_email

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