Vilnius Visit May 2016

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At the The Choral Synagogue.

I attended three services at the Choral synagogue, and it was good to see them well attended



With Milda and Sandra at Maceva & The Lost Shtetl. Jonas took the photo.

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With Raimonda and Misha at the Solomo Aleichemo ORT School



With Zilvinas Beliauskas at the Vilnius Jewish Public Library


One of the publications from the Library. This one is in English.


With Ingrida Vilkiene, the co ordinator of the TEC Tolerance Education Centres in Schools in Lithuania.

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Some examples of the excellent work produced from Ingrida and her team.

I also met the head of the Jewish community, Faina Kukliansky. The community here needs help.

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Around and about in Vilnius.

9 Replies to “Vilnius Visit May 2016”

  1. How interesting, Eli. Thanks very much. I recognised most of the places in your photos. What has happened with Dr Simonus Alperowitz, the former President of the community? And Rachel who ran the Jewish Museum? They must both be well into their 80s.

    Any news from Trevor Kobrin? Did he get my message? I have quite a bit of information and photos of his grandparents and their 6 daughters from the Strand to pass on to him, if he contacts me.

    Travel well. Best regards, Vernon

  2. Thank you for posting theses wonderful pictures of Vinius.
    Our 1st cousins Faina and Sasha so look forward to seeing you ‘annually’
    They are our only link to my late dad, Max Babus. His sister Rochke was never able to leave and thanks to Gerald Sher and his son Roy who visited Vilnius a few years ago, we established contact, was able to see them in in 2012 and have now regular contact
    Eternally grateful
    Sharon Babus Friedman

    1. I always enjoy our meetings at the Choral Synagogue. Sasha and I always sit together at the services, which he attends twice a day, every day!

    2. Hi Sharon,

      Great to read of your reconnection with your Lithuanian family. Best wishes to you and Neville. Regards, Vernon

  3. Hi Eli –

    Very interesting article and pictures on Vilna.

    Are you going anywhere near Pumpenai – if so could you please take a picture, maybe just of the town with the Pumpenai sign so that I could put it with my Strand article and mention – “From Pumpenai to The Strand 1920” – for my grandparents.

    Thanks. Enjoy touring.
    Beryl Juter Baleson.

  4. Hi Eli,

    Enjoyed and recognized the photos from Vilnius. Am very glad to hear that the services were well-attended at the Choral Synagogue. When we visited about eight years ago, there were only 10 or 12 people in attendance on Shabbat morning, not counting our group. It is a beautiful place!

    Best regards,
    Danielle Weiner

  5. Eli, I also wanted to ask you about the excavation project going on at the Great Shul. They are to be working there starting June 20th. I am very interested in this and have been in contact with Jon Seligman who is coordinating this fascinating effort. By chance, have you stopped by the site they will be working on?


  6. I should have said “the former site of the Great Shul”, as, of course, it is no longer there!


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