Vilnius Visit May 2016

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With Faina, Ruta and Sasha

At the The Choral Synagogue.

I attended three services at the Choral synagogue, and it was good to see them well attended



With Milda and Sandra at Maceva & The Lost Shtetl. Jonas took the photo.

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With Raimonda and Misha at the Solomo Aleichemo ORT School



With Zilvinas Beliauskas at the Vilnius Jewish Public Library


One of the publications from the Library. This one is in English.


With Ingrida Vilkiene, the co ordinator of the TEC Tolerance Education Centres in Schools in Lithuania.

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Some examples of the excellent work produced from Ingrida and her team.

I also met the head of the Jewish community, Faina Kukliansky. The community here needs help.

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Around and about in Vilnius.

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