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  1. Hi Eli—I attended your talk at the H O D in JHB tonight which I thoroughly enjoyed. My paternal roots go back to Saduva.I am the guy who informed you of the reunion of decendants related to ancestors of people who came from Suduva to which I was invited to attend a few years ago while I was in Israel visiting my eldest son,Mark who lives in Gan Yavne close to Ashdod.When I arrived at the do I was informed by the host ,who happens to be a very distant relative,that I was the closest relative of a person who came from Saduva.I do have some info on this shtetel which I shall send to you. Our family name is Krowitz [it might have been something like Krause as this name came up on a search I had done at Beit Hatsothafot at the Tel Aviv university about 15 years ago. The name GOLDBERG crops up .Perhaps she was a Goldberg. My maternal grandmother was a Janny Levitas of Springs .I think her maiden name was Jackson and my late mother mentioned a few times that her mother was born within hearing distance of the Bow bells in London.I believe the family originally hale from Zaga.My maternal grandfather was Eidel —–and my paternal grand father was Michol.
    I would be pleased to learn about any info you can send me regarding the two shetels mentioned above. Thank you again for your excellent presentation.
    Regards Eric Krowitz JHB tel 011 782 5323 cell 082 771 5584.

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