Seta – Jonava – Vandziogala – Kedainiai

I travelled with my friend, Laima Ardaviciene, the English teacher at Kedainiai High School, to Seta, Jonava, Vandizogala and back to Kedainiai




Quick facts

Šėta is a small town in Kaunas County in central Lithuania. In 2001 it had a population of 1025.Wikipedia
  • Population:
    • 1,025 (2001)

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Quick facts

Jonava is the ninth largest city in Lithuania with a population of ca 30,000. It is located in Kaunas County in central Lithuania, 30 km north east of Kaunas, the second-largest city in Lithuania. It is served by Kaunas International Airport.Wikipedia
  • Municipality:
    • Jonava District Municipality
  • Area:
    • 13.67 km²


Jewish buildings, including the former synagogue. Information posters on the buildings.


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The Jewish Cemetery

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The amphitheatre and holiday entertainment

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Quick facts

Vandžiogala is a small town in Kaunas County, Kaunas district municipality in central Lithuania. It is located 29 km north of Kaunas next to Urka brook. A Holy Trinity church was built in Vandžiogala in 1830.Wikipedia
  • Population:
    • 946 (2001)

The Holocaust site on the outskirts of the town.

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Quick facts

Kėdainiai is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania. It is located 51 km north of Kaunas on the banks of the Nevėžis River. First mentioned in the 1372 Livonian Chronicle of Hermann de Wartberge, its population as of 2008 was 30,214.Wikipedia
  • Municipality:
    • Kėdainiai District Municipality
  • Population:
    • 26,080 (2013)
  • Area:
    • 4.4 km²

A cultural festival and concert hosted by Rimantas Zirgulis

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A walk around Kedainiai

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2 Replies to “Seta – Jonava – Vandziogala – Kedainiai”

  1. My mother was from Jonava. My father was from a shtetl in or near Kovno. My mother’s maiden name was Abramson. My grandfather’s name was Moshe. He owned a flour mill in Jonova. My mother and her friends would swim in the Vlya River. She and my father married in 1919. They lived with my grandparents until 1921, when they left for theUS. My father had to go to Germany by stealth because he didn’t want to be inducted into the Russian army. My mom and an aunt went by train. They had all the legal papers, which I have now. She

    was pregnant with my sister who was born as their American ship enteredmered US waters. My grandfather died in early 1934 and I was born that November, and named for him. In between my brother was born. My grandmother lived until 194when she and my uncle were murdered by the Germans . The photo of the cemetery was blacked out, but I have a picture of my uncle standing next to my grandfather’s grave. This article has touched me deeply.

  2. My grandmother`s family (Kurlandchik) comes from Seta and Janova and from some of the small places in the area. I am planning to take a roots trip with my adult son and am looking for any advice you can provide as to where to stay, getting a guide with a car etc. Thanks for any help you can provide.- Rich Friedman

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