4 Replies to “Looking For My Cousin Zara SMUSHKOVICH”

  1. Shalom Eli,
    In the israeli telephone directory I find two families under the name Smushkovich

    Yael and Yitzik in Tel Aviv

    Vladimit in Tzfat.

    I shall telephone them today and enquire about your cousins.

    Kol tuv,
    Brenda Habshush.

  2. Eli,
    Under the spelling Shmushkovitch ( instead of Smuchkovitch) I found two other addresses.

    Mor Shmushkovitch in Tel Aviv…Mor could maybe be Mira..

    Hilma and Amir Shmushkovitch in Rishon LeTzion.

    Shall enquire.

  3. Eli Shalom,
    I am searching for you… Already had several conversations with Smushkovitches this evening..but..still phoning.

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