Krekenava Cemetery

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The town and synagogue

Laima and I meet history teacher Ruta Adamkeviciene, who kindly shows us the few Jewish sites remaining

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New book by David Sandler

KRAKENOWO ~ A TOWN IN LITHUANIA ~ the story of a world that has passed

The reprint of the booklet printed by the South African Krakenowo Sick Benefit and Benevolent Society in 1961 to celebrate its diamond Jubilee. All articles in Yiddish have now been translated into English.

Contact: David Sandler

The first two articles – click Krakenowo link below to read.

Krekenava – Wikipedia

Krekenava is a town (population 2,003) in Panevėžys district municipality in northern Lithuania, on the bank of Nevėžis.


Can we squeeze under?

On way back to Kedainiai, we visit the other Holocaust site on the outskirts of Kedainiai.

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Kedainiai Railway Station

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