Inspiring Services Held In Perth Australia

Rabbi Shalom White earlier in the week.

One of the advantages of living in Perth, Western Australia, is that, in the times of the world-wide covet-19 pandemic, where the majority of shuls around the world were closed, one could still attend full Rosh Hashanah services,  hear an excellent choir, and listen to an outstanding performance from our young Jewish kids! Perth is rated as one of the most isolated Jewish communities on the globe!

Bibi Shapiro, 6, sang with Yehuda White, son of Rabbi White, and Shakaed Friedl-Mishali,  at services on first and second day of Rosh Hashanah. They sang with the CHABAD choir, led by Anthony Gordon. Of the 13 man choir, 10 had sung in shul choirs in South Africa, before migrating to Perth. The choir was established  around 1986.

The CHABAD Choir at practice

The boys also sang Adon Olam with the choir.

Contrary to a few reports,  Bibi, his brother and mother, Nina Shapiro, attend CHABAD of Noranda in Perth, Australia.

Bibi is a student at Carmel School, Perth.

I first heard about the media interest in this story from friends in Toronto, Canada!

The CHABAD WA choir at practice before Yom Tov. 

Rabbi White blowing the shofar earlier in the week.

This kid went viral with his rendition of ‘Avinu Malkeinu.’ We talked to his mom.

CHABAD held two services on each of the first two days – a full service at 7:30 – 11am, and a highlights service at 11am – 1:15pm. Delicious cholent was served between the two services.

The choir performed at the second service and the torah was read at both.

I sang the haftorah twice on the First Day, a bit like Groundhog Day!

For me, this certainly matched the special occasion when I repeated my barmitzvah Maftir and Haftorah at the Nozyk Synagogue in Warsaw in 2018:

Shabbat Nachamu

Eli Rabinowitz


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