HTAWA Conference

Perth, 14 April 2021

The Ark, Melbourne

Video from Seattle

With Uncle Boydie in Maroopna VIC

William Cooper’s family, Richmond FC, Melbourne

With John Gandel at Monash U, Melbourne
With Barbara Miller & Federal Minister, Ken Wyatt, Monash U, Melbourne

Carmel School visitors at Ellenbrook Secondary College
With Lance Turner, Sturt Rhine-davis, Nance Adler & Jesse J Fleay at, Ellenbrook
Part of 2000 strong audience at Ellenbrook Secondary College premiere
Ellenbrook SC visiting Carmel School
Multicultural Event, City of Stirling, Perth
Kristallnacht Commemoration, Perth Modern School – with Malcolm McCusker
International School of Holocaust Education, Yad Vashem,,  Jerusalem in June 2018
The Lost Shetl Museum, Seduva, Lithuania
Presentation with Israeli Ambassador at Atzalynas School in Kedainiai, Lithuania
Chinese, Israeli and Japanese Ambassadors in Birzai, Lithuania
Bielski Partisan Reunion,Naliboki,  Belarus
Nance Adler,  surviving Bielski, Aron Bell  & his wife Henryka in Novogrudok Belarus 

 Ralph Salinger & Michael Leiserowitz in Warsaw

Chief Rabbi of Poland, Michael Schudrich
Prof Sam & Mrs Kassow & Michael Leiserowitz at Polin, Warsaw
With students in Paneveyzs, Lithuania
With Finnish, British and US Ambassadors in Seduva, Lithuania
With Rabbi Fhima and students in Pinsk, Belarus
Herzlia School, Cape Town, South Africa

Muizenberg SH, South Africa

King David High School, Johannesburg

Apr 12, 2021

Nance Adler is a Jewish educator. She is a Teachers Fellow at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum as well as a Powell Fellow at the Holocaust Center for Humanity in Seattle. She is the educator and curriculum designer for WE ARE HERE! Foundation for Upstanders. Nance has received many accolades and awards and is published both for pedagogy and curriculum development. 

She has taught for the past 16 years at the Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle where she focuses on inspiring a love of Judaism and using one’s “Jewish lenses” as a way to approach the world to make it better for all Creation. 

Katie and Andrew talk with Nance about what it means to be an “upstander”, the importance of telling resistance stories, and even Holocaust movies.  Thank you Nance Adler for being our guest on The Well QA!

Also, watch Nance’s keynote speech in Perth, Australia in 2019 about “What I Teach and Why”:


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