Habonim Dror Southern Africa History Project

From Keren Setton

The HDSA Habonim Dror Southern African History Project aims to collect, archive and honour the history of Habonim Dror in Southern Africa since 1930.

hevet Salk at National Machane Somerset West 1957-8

The project has exciting  goals, including:

  •  a multi-media exhibition that will be permanently installed on the HDSA Onrus campsite, telling the history of HDSA and serving as an educational tool for the chanichim;
  • an online platform that will digitize and archive the history of HDSA, and connect ex-members from around the world; and
  • a coffee table book which will be published for HDSA’s 90th anniversary in 2020.

The organisers are appealling to ex-members of Habonim Dror Southern Africa to donate or loan precious memorabilia to the project so that they can digitize, index and protect HDSA’s history forever. These mementos will be stored on an online database in an easily accessible format, enabling members from all over the world to share and enjoy, as well as possibly being included in the coffee table book and permanent exhibition.

If you have photographs, vdeos, stories, articles, uniforms, t-shirts, interviews, publications or any other memorabilia related to HDSA that you would like to add to the History Project collection,  please contact Keren Setton at  hdsahistory@habo.org.za or hdsahistory@ctjc.co.za .

Add your experiences of the movement to ensure that the richest version of the history of Habonim Dror Southern Africa is remembered.

Maddies on mifkad Alan, Ian, Mike, Denis, Jill, Alan D, Johnny I, Hilary, Jeff , Terry Machaneh 2000 Machaneh 1982 Machaneh 93 - 36 Machaneh 82 - 122 Machaneh 82 - 109 Machaneh 82 - 105  Machaneh 82 - 048 Machaneh 82 - 001  Habonim 1982 Habonim 1940's Habonim 1940's girls gedud Habonim 1930's Gedud photo  002 1st Hachsharah Balfouria '45 (Dot Sadowsky)
Machaneh 82 - 073
1968 ONRUS  Selwyn Cokes Galleid, Dave Kaplan, Mike Witkin, Step

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