Friendly Faces RSA

People I met on my recent trip to South Africa

With Richard Freedman, The CT Holocaust Centre
The audience
With Miriam and Ivor Lichterman
With Marijke Slager (Holland) and Stellenbosch student
With David Lazarus & Harry Kantor
Jill’s family
With Dan Brotman
With Gidon Kerbel and Mercia Strieman

With Richard Narva

Herzlia online class with six schools in the FSU
Miriam Lichterman (standing) & Herzlia students
With the Herzlia Vocal Ensemble
With Ivor Joffe, Lydia Abel, Ivor and Miriam Lichterman, Mark Helfrich & Steve Sherman
Concert at Highlands House

With Herzlia Vocal Ensemble
With two members of Herzlia Vocal Ensemble & Ivor Joffe
Lydia Abel & Miriam Lichterman
Lesley-Ann Knoll

Kalk Bay Theatre
With Caely-Jo Levy
With Julian Reitstein, Leonie Jacobsen & Lesley Abelsohn
With cousins Lesley Abelsohn, Hannah & Isaac Bloch
Fashion Show at Cape Town City Hall
With Michelle Radowsky
Toni and Michelle

Michelle at Woolworths Head Office – owners of David Jones & Country Road
Sunday meetings
With Gerald Potash
With Philip Todres
With Gerald & Celia Musikanth

Muizenberg High School
With Principal Leonie Jacobsen

With students
With school captains
With school captains
With matric students and visitors
With Alice King, US Consul education, Leonie Jacobsen & other visitors
With Lydia Abel, Cape ORT
Cape ORT – robotic demonstration
Other CT
Michelle, Harry & Sally
With Norman Jawno
Kapeluto Family
With Irene & Ian Stein
With Ian Stein & Dimitri Coutras
With the Greeks
With Stan Smookler
With Marcelle Ravid and staff at ORT SA
With Elona Steinfeld at SA Friends of Beth Hatefutsoth
Rabbi Mosh Silberhaft at Beyachad
Cousin Leon Spiller at Beyachad
Talk at JGSSA at HOD

Talk at Greenside Shul
Rabbi Mendel Rabinowitz
At Greenside Shul

From Gerald Potash’s newsletter of 16 February 2018

My coffee catch-up this week was a very, very early in the morning breakfast with Eli from Perth. Long before the coffee shop opened for orders, in fact only as the first of the staff arrived to clean the tables at Knead in Sea Point, we were chatting away, catching up as we do. Eli has been very busy with the Patriot’s song at schools and also taking the ‘Memories of Muizenberg’ exhibition all over the world. It is always great catching up with Eli and if a third person was with us on Sunday morning they would have to put their hand up into the air to even get a word in. We only meet once a year and there is a lot to talk about.

(I got a call from Eli on Tuesday, he was on a plane back to Jo’burg on his way back home to Perth and sitting next to him is a couple from Oz with whom he started chatting……that’s Eli…….anyway they tell him they have been touring in Cape Town and he asks with whom? Yup, Ian & Sally… on Sunday I was with them both. Small world!)

Row 18 BA CT to Jo’burg with Robyn, migrating to Australia and Ian from Shepparton
Row 17 – Sally, Ian’s wife
With Ishvara at the original Jeppestown Shul

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