Chana Chesha Herison Rabinowitz 55th Yahrzeit

Today, 30 Tishri 5782, 6 October 2021,  is the 55th yahrzeit of my bobba, Chana Chesha Herison Rabinowitz

14 October 1966 – 30 Tishri 5727

Chana Chesha’s abridged ancestral family tree (extends to over 20 generations)

Chana Chesha Miriam Herison – Ancestor Chart

Chana Chesha was born in Jerusalem

Here is a collection of images to remember her on her yahrzeit.

With her sons Harry (my dad), Leib & Isaac, and my Zaida Nachum Mendel

Her daughters Rachel and Sarah , who were born in Cape Town.

My dad Harry, me, my mom Ray, & aunty Rachel, & my bobba, Chana Chesha

Chana Chesha Herison Rabinowitz

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