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  1. My grandmother (a member of the Chait family of Birzh) raised me; I was contacted over 15 years ago by a cousin, Basil Sandler, from Tel Aviv whose mother was the sibling of my great grandfather. The family all resided (until the emigration before WWI) in Birzh. Most ended up in the US: first Boston (until they “fanned” out). One brother returned (Reuben) but was murdered with his family in Aug of ’41 by Einzestgruppn. Basil has posted on genealogical websites; he and his brother the late Dr. Yossi Sandler had return and created the memorial stone noting the death of the many Jewish residents. When I met him (when I visited Israel in 2009) he provided me with several photos of my great grandfather’s home, the shul, the marketplace etc. He also published an essay: “Max: A Well Kept Secret”. He probably has a great deal of material in which you would be interested.

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