A Fabulous Time In Israel

I was in Israel to lecture at the IAJGS35, the International Jewish Genealogical conference in Jerusalem.


Uncle Moshe Orla 1920 s

Besides my lecture, this video is my moment of fame at the conference: JewishGen’s Avrami Groll presenting new projects for this year

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Here are some images of people I met at the conference

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I was also able to travel around and take other photos outside of the conference. Included are unusual street signs in Ashkelon, meeting Dan Brotman and the visiting ANC Youth Leaders in the Old City, the Humus Bar in the Carmel Shuk that was once a synagogue, meeting for the first time – 30 of my cousins from one family in Sumaria, and my talk on my Litvak heritage travels at Beit Protea in Herzlia.

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Israel is full of fun, family and a fabulous place to visit!

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Scooter cam: A fun scooter ride with cousin Nachi before shabbat from Kiryat Moshe to Machane Yehuda

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