Zhetl, Slonim and Zelva

Dzyatlava / Zhetl

Dzyatlava – Wikipedia

Dziatlava (Belarusian: Дзятлава, Lithuanian: Zietela, Polish: Zdzięcioł, Russian: Дятлово, Yiddish: זשעטל‎ Zhetl) is a town in Belarus in the Hrodna voblast, about 165 km southeast of Hrodna. The population was 7,700 in 2016.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dzyatlava


Dzyatlava massacre

Dzyatlava massacre – Wikipedia

The Dzyatlava massacres (Yiddish: Zhetel‎, Polish: Zdzięcioł, and Belarusian: Dzyatlava) were two consecutive mass shooting actions carried out three months apart during the Holocaust.[1] The town of Zdzięcioł was nominally Polish until the end of World War II in 1945. It was located in the Nowogródek Voivodeship of the Second Republic prior to the Nazi-Soviet invasion of Poland. Zdzięcioł was overrun twice, first by the Red Army in September 1939, and again, by the German forces in June 1941 after the outbreak of Operation Barbarossa.[2]

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dzyatlava_massacre

High School #1

Tamara translating my  presentation on the Partisans’ Song Project  

The town square    

Zhetl KehilaLink

Source: kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/Lida-District/dzyat.htm


Slonim – Wikipedia

Slonim (Belarusian: Сло́нім, Russian: Сло́ним, Lithuanian: Slanimas, Polish: Słonim, Yiddish: סלאָנים‎, Slonim) is a city in Grodno Region, Belarus, capital of the Slonim district. It is located at the junction of the Shchara and Isa rivers, 143 km (89 mi) southeast of Grodno. The population in 2015 was 49,739.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slonim


Slonim KehilaLink

With Tamara Vershitskaya

The Museum

Town Centre



Zelva – Wikipedia

Zelva (Belarusian: Зэльва, Russian: Зельва, Polish: Zelwa, Lithuanian: Zelva, Želva, Yiddish: זעלווא‎) is a town in Grodno Region, Belarus, the administrative center of Zel’va district. It is situated by the Zel’vyanka River.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zelva

Lots of radar in Belarus!


Zelva Belarus

Zelva Belarus

Source: youtu.be/w7tcjrzimAA

Zelva Belarus


Zelva KehilaLink

I made a Webpage

Source: kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/zelva_belarus/

The Town Square – looking for something specifically Jewish – no luck!

Lenin of course!

Around the town square

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