Yom Hashoah Global

8 April 2021
HAMEC has once again partnered with the WE ARE HERE! Foundation to bring a streamed video event for Yom HaShoah.
The “Yom HaShoah Global Commemoration,” featuring schools, students, and speakers (including HAMEC speakers Daniel Goldsmith and Ruth Hartz) from around the world, will premiere on YouTube on Thursday, April 8th at 9am EDT.  (11pm Sydney, 9pm Perth, 2pm London, 6am PST)
Watch this youtube page (https://www.youtube.com/c/elirab52/) or look for another post from us linking to the streamed premiere.
ORT Kishinev Moldova
We are featuring the following schools on this Yom Hashoah presentation:
Sholem Aleichem College, Melbourne Australia
Ellenbrook Secondary College, Perth Australia
Carmel School Perth Australia
King David School, Victory Park South Africa
Herzlia School, Cape Town South Africa
ORT Dimcho Debelianov Hebrew and English Language School, Sofia Bulgaria
ORT Technology Lyceum, Kishinev Moldova
ORT Tekhiya, Moscow Russia
JDS Seattle, USA
JPEF – Jewish Partisans’ Educational Foundation, San Fransisco
Mrs Miriam Lichterman
Mr. Daniel Goldsmith
Ms Ruth Hartz
Student contributors:
Maria O – ORT Tekhiya
Ben Zar, Eron Norrie, Daniel Marsden, Shallya Samakosky, Jonty Schkolne & Rachel Wohlman – Herzlia School
Julia K – JDS Seattle

Thanks to:
Sholem Aleichem College
Conductor Ilana Perlich
Pianist Tomi Kalinski
Grade 5 & 6 students
Production – Kreative Solutionz, Samuel Strunin
The JCCV, Randi Grose, Michael Cohen, Fredl Mrocki
Stuart Rhine-Davis – Ellenbrook Secondary College
Michele Galanti – Carmel School
Kirsten Kukard, Mark Helfrich & Ivor Joffe – Herzlia School
Mandy-Reine Gruzd & Nikki Richard – King David Victory Park
Nance Adler – JDS Seattle 
Stela Dinkova – ORT Sofia 
Anna Zaytseva – ORT Tekhiya Moscow 
Anna Kurilova – ORT Kishinev 
Noongar translation: Jesse J Fleay – Edith Cowan University, Perth
Musical arrangement – Suzanne Kosowitz, Perth

Teaching the Partisan Song to a New Generation

Recite and understand the meaning of the poem.

Zoe Nit Keynmol was written as a poem in Yiddish by 20 year old Hirsh Glik in the Vilna ghetto in 1943.

The words are powerful and inspirational.

It is the anthem of the Survivors.  Our goal is to teach it to the next generation of school students so that the legacy can continue!

I have found translations in 14 other languages with some variations within these languages – see Lyrics below.

You can recite it as a poem as it was originally written!

Here is Freidi Mrocki, a teacher at Shalom Aleichem College in Melbourne, reciting Aaron Kremer’s English translation.

Zog Nit Keynmol – The Poem

Here is an idea for your school students or youth group: Recite the poem, Zog Nit Keynmol, written by Hirsh Glik 20, in the Vilna ghetto in 1943. Do it in your own language! And then SHARE it with …

Source: elirab.me/zog-nit-keynmol-the-poem/

Here is a combination of Yiddish, Hebrew and English.

Here it is being sung by the Herzlia School Vocal Ensemble in Cape Town during an online class with five schools in the Former Soviet Union in Kiev, Chisinau, Vilnius, Kedainiai and Kalvarija.

The ORT Videos

ORT Videos

King David High School Victory Park, Johannesburg

For more languages and versions, click on the link:


 Lyrics in Different Languages English Aaron Cremer’s version Lithuanian Žydų Partizanų Daina arba Partizanų Himnas Mes Esame Čia Niekad nesakykite kad jūs išeinate į paskutinį kelią… Tik nie…

Source: elirab.me/lyrics/

Schools & Students Sing & Recite – We Share

We invite you, your school choir or group to sing or recite Zog Nit Keynmol, the Partisan Song. Please record it then share on YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo or send to me by Dropbox and I’ll pos…

Source: elirab.me/schools/

For more info, visit:

Zog Nit Keynmol

Menu Zog Nit Keynmol  –  Main Page – scroll down The Legacy of the Partisan Song Hirsh Glik by Phillip Maisel Schools & students  sing or recite the anthem, record it and post it on…

Source: elirab.me/zog-nit-keynmol/

The Cape Jewish Chronicle

Finally, here is a full page article in the  April edition of the Cape Jewish Chronicle, Cape Town, written by Tali Feinberg.

Source: cjc.org.za

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