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We invite you, your school choir or group to sing or recite Zog Nit Keynmol, the Partisan Song.
Please record it then share on YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo or send to me by Dropbox and I’ll post it for you. My address is
You can do this in any language or combination you wish e.g. Yiddish, Hebrew, English or your home language.
It is ok to use an iPhone or other smartphone, making sure the camera is steady and you have good sound.
Although Yom Hashoah on 23 / 24 April is our first target date, this project s ongoing!
In doing this, you will connect the last remaining survivors, who originally sang it, with future generations, thus continuing their legacy.
At the same time, we can improve our understanding of the song’s powerful  message of hope and heroes.
For the lyrics in 15 languages, click here
For more information on the Partisan Song Project, click here

Some existing recordings:

South Africa

Herzlia School Cape Town 2017


Shalom Aleichem College, Melbourne

Jewish Youth Choir, Melbourne  2011

Dylan Kotkis, Carmel School, Perth 2017

Mt Scopus College Melbourne  2012

Here is an recording of Freidi Mrocki, a teacher at Shalom Aleichem College in Melbourne reciting Aaron Cremer’s English version of the poem:


ORT Solomo Aleichemo Vilnius