Seduva – Rozalimas

More from the Seduva Museum ceremony
The LP donated by film maker Saulius  Berzinis to the Seduva Museum

Mordechai Hershman

Mordechai Hershman – Wikipedia

Mordecai Hershman (1888–1940) was a Ukrainian-born American Jewish cantor (“hazzan”) and singer.


Vinyl Donation 


Vinyl Donation

by Saulius Berzinis


Cantor Mordechai Hershman sings Eilu Devurim

Cantor Mordechai Hershman sings Eilu Devurim

Mordechai Hershman (1888-1940) Mordecai Hershman was born in Chernigov and from an early age was an active participant in several synagogue choirs. His first…



Saulius Berzinis – filmmaker – Film Studio Kopa
With Laura, film producer and associate of Saulius
A week later in Vilnius with Saulius and Laura in Vilnius


After The Ceremony
At the restaurant after the ceremony


With the ambassadors of Finland, Great Britain and USA
On my way to Rozalimas

The Rozalimas Wooden Synagogue 


Rozalimas – Wikipedia

Rozalimas is a small town in Šiauliai County in northern-central Lithuania. As of 2011 it had a population of 746.[1]


Two railway crossings, same train!

On  the way to Siauliai

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