Protecting Our Litvak Heritage

Two weeks ago I spoke on Litvaks on the Move at the Claremont Wynberg Shul in Cape Town:


This week I presented the Perth version of this Litvaks on the Move slideshow at the WA Jewish Historical & Genealogical Society at Noranda Shul.




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Some slides from the show:

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I included slides from my recent trip to South Africa where I visited the Kaplan Centre and Gitlin Library in Cape Town and the Archives and Friends of the Beth Hatsutsoth in Johannesburg.

I also visited the Liliesleaf Museum in Rivonia.

One of highlights was the 4½ walking tour of Doornfontein run by Ishvara Dhyan.

Posts to follow.

At the end of my presentation, Sue Levy presented me with a certificate and the customary book was donated to our local genealogical society library on my behalf.


I was blown away by what book Sue chose!

The title is “Preserving Our Litvak Heritage”, something I have been passionately working on for a while now. The name of the author – Josef Rosin z”l.

Rosin-Book-Cover Rosin-Book-Cover-2

In June last year, I noticed that the Birzh KehilaLink had not been updated for long time. I made some enquiries and found out that this website had been compiled by Josef Rosin, who had passed away in Israel in the previous November. When I showed interest in adopting the Birzh site, I was asked by Joel Alpert if I would be happy to adopt 25 others, all the work of late Josef Rosin.

I have spent the last eight months updating these Lithuania kehilalinks, the work that Josef Rosin had done so brilliantly over so many years!

A tribute by Joel Alpert to Josef Rosin:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 3.48.24 PM

I have previously corresponded with Joel in early 2014. He wanted to use my image of broken matsevot at the Brest Fort for the cover of the new Brest Yizkor book. That photo was one of the slides I used in my Litvaks on the Move presentation – eerie or what!


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