On The Road In Belarus

For a 5 day visa free visit to Belarus, you must fly in and out of Minsk airport. My drive from Minsk to Pinsk took 4 hours, mostly on an excellent toll road, free for Belarusian registered cars. Watch out for speed cameras though! 

Speed camera – beware!


An Orthodox Church

A cemetery

The latest model

Pinsk – at last!

Town signs




Sometimes to get somewhere, make your own pathway!

But it can be worth it!

Reading road signs in cyrillic can be fun!

A pit stop on the E30 Toll Road


On the road to Moscow

At the Minsk airport petrol station

My biggest challenge: Filling up with petrol at the airport before returning the rental car.

With hardly anyone able to speak English, try guessing how many litres you need to fill up the car, then going into the shop and ordering the correct amount. They do this as people drive off without paying. I guessed the amount within one litre. Not bad!

Let’s meet at the airport petrol station!

I hope I’m not flying on one of these!




Found it!  

Making sure we leave!

I had a great time in Belarus  – see my previous posts!

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