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Carmel High School’s visit to Ellenbrook Secondary College


Choir Performances | WE ARE HERE!

Choir Performances | WE ARE HERE!

At Ellenbrook Secondary College 5 August 2019 At Ellenbrook Secondary College – Another angle At Carmel School on 7 August 2019 At Carmel School – Encore performance

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Ellenbrook Secondary College choir members meeting Rivka Majteles, a Holocaust survivor

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Upcoming event

Featuring the joint Ellenbrook Secondary School and Carmel High School choirs at Perth Modern School on 10 November at 5pm.

The guest speaker is Malcolm McCusker AC CVO QC, former Governor of WA:

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Upcoming Talks In Israel

Muizenberg High School, Cape Town

WE ARE HERE! For Upstanders

King David High School, Johannesburg

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 The Bielski Commemoration in the Forest Jerusalem, Belarus

Violin Performance

by Sevil Uluchan-Weinstein (Bielski) of Turkey Bielski Reunion

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Aron Bell – the last of the Bielski Partisans

A Video For Teachers MENU: Introduction – SABC TV Why is singing the song so Important? – Phillip Maisel Defiance Trailer – Bielski Jewish Partisans Soviet N…

Source: youtu.be/NRcGcNGrYWo

The Partisans’ Song – Genres

The Partisans’ Song – Genres

A Video For Teachers MENU: The Melody – Pokrass Brothers Original Russian Soundtrack Irish Folk Band – The Rathmines Japanese Version – Isao Oiwa Kugelplex K…

Source: youtu.be/_qeCD6lmMIM

Jewish Partisan Project and Lesson Plan

Jewish Partisan Project and Lesson Plan

By Nance Adler HaMorah Nance Adler Middle School Judaics and Jewish History USHMM Museum Teacher Fellow Holocaust Center for Humanity – Powell Fellow nadler@jds.org An Inspirational School Pr…

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An Inspirational School Project

An Inspirational School Project

A Project For Your School We are seeking students who will recite or sing the Partisans’ Song in their home tongue, or in a language they have learnt. Please make a video, which can be as cre…

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The Partisans’ Song in Noongar Aboriginal Language

The Power Of Words

The background and context

The ‘Partisans’ Song’ – Zog Nit Kein Mol–written by Hirsch Glik, 22,  in the Vilna Ghetto in 1943   is one of the most powerful songs of resistance and defiance ever written.

While Hitler boasted that his Reich would endure for a thousand years, it is the Jewish people who resisted the forces of hatred and have endured, not the murderous Third Reich,  which lasted twelve years.

Today, 75 years on, long after the demise of Hitler’s murderous regime, the partisans’ song is now sung worldwide to mark the Jewish spirit of resistance.

(Michael Cohen, Melbourne)

Narrated by Freydi Mrocki

The Programme:

A5 layout - V6

“Zog nit keyn mol, az du geyst dem letstn veg……. Never say that you have reached the end of the road……

Mir zaynen do!WE ARE HERE!

“This says that although it looks like the last moments of the life of the Jewish people, it is not, and where the blood was shed, will begin a new, a heroic and a wonderful Jewish life!”

(Quote: Cantor H Fox, LA)

The Partisans’ Song has been translated into 24 languages:

The Holocaust Survivors’ Anthem – #WeRemember

In the lead up to the UN Holocaust Remembrance Day on 27 January, here is  a series of recordings of The Partisan Song, Zog Nit Keynmol, sung and recited by ORT schools

Source: elirab.me/ORT-2018 

Maryusya Zarembo, an 8th grade student at ORT de Gunzburg School #550, is in awe of Hirsh Glick’s defiantly optimistic lyrics to Zog Nit Keynmol, the anthem of the Jewish partisans.

“This is the first time I’ve read or heard the poetry of someone from that time. It’s hard for me to imagine how he could have found the time or energy to be creative in those circumstances, but he did. And his verses are very powerful and life-affirming,” Maryusya said.

World ORT supports an initiative by Eli Rabinowitz to promote Zog nit Keynmol to new generations. Learning the lyrics, Maryusya said, had made her think about the Holocaust and its lessons for humanity.

“We have to learn that a person must not be humiliated or destroyed because of their ethnicity, faith or politics,” she said. “We can’t expect everyone to be a saint but the more we protect each other, the more tolerant we are, the stronger humanity will become. The alternative is extinction.” 

Simonas Gurevicius & Daughters Sing Zog Nit Keynmol

Simonas Gurevicius & Daughters Sing Zog Nit Keynmol

President Vilnius Jewish Community Translation: Naomi: We are the Gurevich family from Vilnius, the Jerusalem of Lithuania. Avital: My name is Avital. Here i

Source: youtu.be/6BlmPWRpsVg

The Lost Shtetl of Lithuania

The Lost Shtetl of Lithuania

My op-ed in the Australian Jewish News today    The Australian Jewish News – AJN The Australian Jewish News – AJN AJN Source: www.jewishnews.net.au

Source: elirab.me/seduva-museum/

The Lost Shtetl Museum of Seduva

The Lost Shtetl Museum of Seduva

The Lost Shtetl Museum of Seduva Jewish History –  Ground Breaking Seduva, Lithuania Speakers: A welcome speech from the President of Lithuania read by her senior advisor Marija Dautartaite S…

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The Global Partisans’ Song Project on South African National TV

This  12 minute segment on the Global Partisans’ Song Project featured on SABC TV, South Africa’s national television network.

The Partisans’ Song On Simcha TV

The Manchester Jewish Telegraph

Use your own family photos as backgrounds for interesting business cards

Jerusalem 1912

My bobba, Chana Chesha Miriam Herison Rabinowitz with my uncle Isaac on her lap and my great bobba, Chaia Dvorah Alta Salomon Herison with the head scarf.

This week’s Blog

elirab.me | tangential travel

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Eli Rabinowitz talks about his family from Orla | Virtual Shtetl

Eli Rabinowitz talks about his family from Orla | Virtual Shtetl

My name is Eli Rabinowitz. I live in Perth, Australia.  My three siblings live in New York, Israel and South Africa. I am married to Jill Reitstein (originally Rotzstejn, from Nasielsk). 

Keidan Yizkor Book 2 Now Available

Keidan Yizkor Book 2 Now Available

From David Solly Sandler Greetings from Western Australia and I hope you are all well. I’m pleased to tell you that the second Yizkor book from South Africa, the Keidan Memorial (Yizkor) Book…

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The New Naliboki KehilaLink set up after my visit


Forest Jerusalem, Naliboki, Belarus

Source: kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/naliboki/Home.html

Sima and Izak Kaplinski

Survival Against All Odds

by Amy Kaplinski – a Hans Kimmel Essay

Kaplinski Hans Kimmel
The Life Of Tzila Zakheim

 Closing the Circle

by Amy Cohn – A Hans Kimmel Essay

Closing the Circle


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On 8 February United Herzlia Schools hosted an international online collaboration on The Partisans’ Song Project Schools that participated in the online collaboration: Host: Herzlia Middle Sc…

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Muizenberg High School

Muizenberg High School

My Partisan Song Project presentation at Muizenberg High School Muizenberg High School principal Leonie Jacobsen and I first met on Thursday night, 8 February, at a delightful Yiddish music concert…

Source: elirab.me/mhs/

The Holocaust Education Trust UK: “Don’t Give Up Hope is an inspiring project which encourages students around the world to learn and sing Glik’s anthem”



The Cape Jewish Chronicle, South Africa

The Australian Jewish News

The Jewish Standard, New Jersey

Teaching the Partisan Song to a New Generation

Recite and understand the meaning of the poem.

Zoe Nit Keynmol was written as a poem in Yiddish by Hirsh Glik in the Vilna ghetto in 1943. The words are powerful and inspirational. It is the anthem…

Source: elirab.me/teaching-the-partisan-song-to-a-new-generation/

3 March 2017

The Legacy of the Partisan Song

Zog Nit Keynmol – the partisan song A simple request from King David High School in Johannesburg has now snowballed into an international project involving schools in South Africa, Australia,…

Source: elirab.me/the-legacy-of-the-partisan-song/

Zog Nit Keynmol

On 11 January 2017, I was asked by Rabbi Craig Kacev, head of Jewish Studies at King David Schools, Johannesburg, South Africa, whether I could make a presentation to the students at the Linksfield…

Source: elirab.me/zog-nit-keynmol/



From Perth to Lithuania – Australian Jewish News

Commemoration in Lithuania


Support Making Monash A Field Marshal

The Story Of Pnina Berkman’s Matseva

Building Bridges with the TECs in Lithuania

Commemorating Kristallnacht

Living Historians

Library of Congress – James Madison Memorial Building

Lublin, Poland



Kiev ORT NKV#141 High School


Kalvarija Gymnazija & Survivor Meiškė Segalis


My bond with Atzalyno Gimnazija, a school in Kedainiai

Israeli Ambassador To Lithuania Visits Plunge

First Cousins Reunited

Finding My Cousin Zara Smushkovich

From One Photo….


Seattle Evite.001

SA Tea Party2

TEC Institutions in Lithuania


Kaunas 2016

Memories of Muizenberg Exhibition in Vancouver

Yom Hashoah

Remembering Uncle Moisey

The Boerejode of the Boland

A Stone with a Story by Richard Shavei Tzion

New Jewish Websites & Shemot

Letters From The Pinsker Orphans Left Behind

Herzlia – Atzalyno Bridges

The Jews Of Krakes School Project


Seduva Jewish Ceremonies



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