Virtual Heritage Tour 2015

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JewishGen Virtual Heritage Tour of Europe
May 17th – 30th 2015
Join JewishGen volunteer Eli Rabinowitz as he travels through Poland, Lithuania and Latvia!1. What is the JewishGen Virtual Heritage Tour?
The JewishGen Virtual Heritage Tour allows JewishGenners to join Eli Rabinowitz as he tours Poland, Lithuania and Latvia and explores Jewish genealogy, history and heritage.Eli will be embarking on a 14 day trip, and is planning to visit the following towns: Warsaw, Vilnius, Utena, Daugavpils, Rokiskis, Kupiskis, Birzai, Bauska, Rundale, Salaspils, Riga, Siauliai, Plunge, Rietavas, Kelme, Kedainiai, Seduva, Kaunas, Marijampole, Kalvarija and Alytus.Each day, Eli will write a summary of his experience, and post it on the JewishGen Facebook page. He will include pictures of holocaust memorials, cemeteries, synagogues, other items of Jewish interest and useful links. He will also be able to respond to questions or suggestions that are left in the comments section.2. Does this cost any money?
Nope! As with everything on JewishGen, this is free and everyone is invited to participate. Eli is offering this as a “thank you” to JewishGen for all the help he has received over the years.3. Who is Eli Rabinowitz?
Eli was born in Cape Town, and has lived in Perth since 1986. He is active in a wide range of Jewish community activities, including filming events, genealogical research, and bringing the Memories of Muizenberg Exhibition to Australia, now on its way to Toronto and North America. He gives talks and presentations on worldwide Jewish heritage travel, and is a scheduled speaker at this summer’s IAJGS conference in Jerusalem, Israel. He is a prolific researcher, and has created 24 KehilaLink pages for towns in Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Germany, China, South Africa and Australia.4. How do I follow and join the conversation?
Participation requires a free Facebook user account. Visit and “Like” the JewishGen Facebook page at: Make sure you check our page each day for Eli’s daily update.5. But I don’t use Facebook! Can I still participate?
Unfortunately, participation requires a free Facebook user account. We encourage you to sign up (it’s free!).6. This sounds great! When does the JewishGen Virtual Jewish Heritage Tour start?
The tour begins on Sunday, May 17th when Eli will be visiting Warsaw. Check this page often for updates!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow here in Warsaw, and remembering our last visit at IAJGS Boston 2013!  smile emoticon Bon voyage!  smile emoticon

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