7 Replies to “Ancestry to Drop Family Tree Maker”

  1. Let’s hope that JewishGen’s deal with Ancestry offered some protection to so many of us who depend on Family Tree Maker. Customers do not come before $$ to the private funds which own Ancestry. What about privacy?

  2. There are over 3,000 comments already on the genealogy response box. Too much to read. Eli, to what program should be consider moving over our family trees. Is My Heritage the next best. What about Geni? I think they were the dominant programs at the summer genealogy conference in Jerusalem.

  3. Chaim – It is best to wait a while to see who comes up with the most suitable alternative. The issue here is that many would prefer software what allows you to update your tree on your own computer rather only be access it on the net! I use MacFamilyTree for mac.

    1. This issue is about the software and being able to run the database on your own computer. There will be suitable alternatives, which will come to the fore!

  4. Eli Since we have to leave FTM anyway what would be better for English-Hebrew. I welcome the change since FTM did not do well in my family where there are married cousins and a lot of second marriages. The layout was never clear enough. Second is there one software that will read the FTM files.

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