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Ziezmariai, Lithuania

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Ziezmariai Synagogue One of a Handful of Surviving Wooden Synagogues in Europe
Žiežmariai Synagogue One of a Handful of Surviving Wooden Synagogues in Europe

LRT TV News Service LRT.lt When Lithuania joined the European Route of Jewish Cultural Heritage, the synagogue in Ziezmariai was chosen as the symbolic first site.

Source: www.lzb.lt/en/2017/10/11/ziezmariai-synagogue-one-of-a-handful-of-surviving-wooden-synagogues-in-europe/

Krakes, Kedainiai & Kaunas – 17 May 2012

My guide William Zhitkauskas meets me at the Hotel Conti at 8am and we drive to the town of Ziezmariai where one of the few wooden synagogues in Lithuania still stands. 

Jewish buildings are usually located near the church and the marketplace.

This was because Jews were traders and shopkeepers.




We then travel through interesting countryside and a dirt road to reach Krakes, a possible ancestral town of the Herisons. My great grandfather Michel Avraham Herison was from Krok or Kruk.  Krakes (Krok) is about 21 km from Kedainiai.



After driving out of town, William suddenly stops as he spots the old Jewish cemetery.



We head straight for the museum in Kedainiai which is housed in a building that was the Great Synagogue.



My 3rd Great grandfather, Avraham Shlomo Zalman Tsoref, a follower of the Vilna Gaon was born in Kedainiai in 1785. Tsoref settled in Jerusalem in 1811 and established the first Ashkenazi community in Jerusalem, resulting in the building of the Churva Synagogue. 





We drive around the ghetto area and come to the interesting town square. 



Storks in action.


 The Jewish Cemetery 


Kaunas, was for a time, the temporary capital of Lithuania.

 The Old Town and the few wealthier Jews who lived there.

Mapu and Zamenhof 



The Choral Synagogue and Moshe Beirak

Lovely gallery upstairs. Paintings of photos of rabbis of Kovno



We visit the ghetto area. The yeshiva.

The step with no door.



Ninth Fort is a comprehensive museum just outside of Kaunas.

It includes an extensive exhibition of the Holocaust.



After getting back to Vilnius, I bump into Regina Kopilevich at the Hotel Conti.




Mincha and Maariv at the Choral. I find Sharon’s cousin, Sasha. 


The customary evening walk around the Old Town. 



What busy day! Over 800 photos today.

FYI, there are many other photos on each subject, so I can email you more if you let me know which aspect you are interested in.