Nechama Lifschitz sings Zog Nit Keynmol

 Nechama Lifschitz was born in 1927 in Kaunas, Lithuania and passed away in 2017 in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Nechama, the nightingale of Soviet Jewry, an opera star, defied the authorities and performed concerts in Yiddish throughout the former Soviet Union. Crowds adored her beautiful voice and strong character.
Nechama arrived in Israel in March 1969 and very soon thereafter performed her first concert in Hichal Hatarbut Auditorium, Tel Aviv.
We have received permission from  Roza Litay to share the Partisan song recording of her late mother.
Our thanks to Roza, and to Carol Hoffman who arranged this.

Beloved Singer Nechama Lifshitz Has Died

Beloved Singer Nechama Lifshitz Has Died

Performing Yiddish and Hebrew songs in the Soviet Union despite the ban against it, Nechama became a symbol of hope for the silenced Jews.