Kab Shab


The Jewish Centre, Perth 6pm

My first time at this Kabbalat Shabbat service.

Thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks to the organisers:

Ilan, Claudia and Zoe et al.

If you are young and not shomrei, give it a try in 2020!

Five video clips below:

IMG 8787

Kab Shab 1

Source: youtu.be/WsbMZZtst8s

IMG 8789

Kab Shab 2

Source: youtu.be/k7AvTMo_lU8

IMG 8790

Kab Shab 3

Source: youtu.be/El59RB3CaDw

IMG 8791

Kab Shab 4

Source: youtu.be/TR6skKRgT1w

IMG 8792

Kab Shab 5

Source: youtu.be/a299R88S-xc