Kab Shab


The Jewish Centre, Perth 6pm

My first time at this Kabbalat Shabbat service.

Thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks to the organisers:

Ilan, Claudia and Zoe et al.

If you are young and not shomrei, give it a try in 2020!

Five video clips below:

IMG 8787

Kab Shab 1

Source: youtu.be/WsbMZZtst8s

IMG 8789

Kab Shab 2

Source: youtu.be/k7AvTMo_lU8

IMG 8790

Kab Shab 3

Source: youtu.be/El59RB3CaDw

IMG 8791

Kab Shab 4

Source: youtu.be/TR6skKRgT1w

IMG 8792

Kab Shab 5

Source: youtu.be/a299R88S-xc

Allison Speiser on Merchav Am

Further to my last post, please watch this video of Allison Speiser speaking about her community, Merchav Am in the Negev.

This one of the inspiring presentations given at JNF WA’s Annual Event at the Jewish Centre, Perth on 9 November 2014: