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With Lionel Slier

Taken at my talk at the Great Park Synagogue earlier this year.

Lionel Slier’s article


appeared in the Jerusalem Post and is on the Brest KehilaLink:

Brest, Belarus

L-R Zinky Agulnik, Kfar Saba (ex SA); Susan Jacobson, Cape Town; Jack Slier, Shanghai; Hayley Slier, London; Lionel Slier, Johannesburg; Paula Slier, Modi’in; Tanya Jacobson, Cape Town; Phillipa Jacobson, Baltimore; Leanne Jacobson, Amsterdam; Daniel Goldfine, Tel Aviv; Alicia Slier, Johannesburg

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Brest, Belarus

My Talks at the Great Park & Gardens Shuls

The Last of The Ochberg Orphans in SA

From David Solly Sandler:

3rd January 2016

Dear fellow Arcs and friends

Greetings from Western Australia and I hope you are all well.

This week we share with you the sad news of the passing of Solly Jossel, the last of the Ochberg Orphans living in South Africa.


Max Goldman emails from Johannesburg and speaks for us all:

So sorry to have to give you the very sad news of Solly Jossel’s passing.

Solly was surely one of the true legends of The Arc and the Ochberg story!

What a rough start he had in life……his father being murdered in cold blood in Russia by some brigands while trying to assist a young woman who was being harassed by them……all this while his mother was pregnant with Solly.

In Solly’s last years he was very frail and his hearing and eyesight were quite poor, yet it was always a pleasure to be in his and Sylvia’s presence.

They say that your face tells your story…….. reveals your character…….looking into the faces of Sylvia And Solly I could only ever see one thing…………..GOOD!!

Solly will be much missed!

Sincere condolences to Sylvia and all of Solly’s family.


Best to you

Max and all Old Arcs and Ochberg descendants


Attached is Solly Jossel’s story from the More Arc Memories book

Thanks to David Solly Sandler for use of this article

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