Sammy Marks & Heiny Ellert

Two men who came from the same town of Neishtot-Tavrig  in Lithuania

Sammy Marks square in Pretoria is one of the best known landmarks in South Africa’s capital city, but how many people actually know who Sammy Marks was?

The interesting history of Sammy Marks on Simcha TV (South Africa SABC) with Prof Richard Mendelsohn (ret) UCT History Dept.

Simcha TV

Simcha is SABC 2’s Jewish Magazine programme aimed at allowing Jews to celebrate their life of faith and culture and offering others an opportunity to learn about Judaism.

Naumiestis, Lithuania


This town in Lithuania has over time been known as eleven different names!
Heiny Ellert
Another son of this town is Heiny Ellert, who lives in Perth Australia
Heiny’s  story is also on the above KehilaLink
Heiny Ellert’s Testimony

Heiny Ellert’s Testimony

Heiny Ellert, a Lithuanian Holocaust survivor, tells his story to Eli Rabinowitz. Accompanying him is his wife Toby, also from Lithuania, but who escaped to …


His photebook is also on the KehilaLink:
Photo book


Living Historians



The invitation:

As part of their Holocaust Studies program the Year 10 students, in small groups, have interviewed Perth Holocaust survivors and recorded their stories. The personal experiences of the “living historian” opens up a view of history that cannot be found in books. The lessons in life and insights that the students have gained from meeting with their allocated survivors will stay with them long after the project and their years at school have ended.

We usually have an evening where we invite the survivors and parents of the students to view their projects, but we felt that with the amount of effort the students put in to their work, one night is not sufficient. We will therefore be opening our very special exhibition to the Perth Jewish Community on Thursday 27 October at 7pm in the Breckler Troy Hall in the High School.

We invite you to come and view the students’ displays and gain some insight into the lives of the Perth Holocaust survivors and their experiences.

Shirley Atlas – Jewish History teacher

Carmel School, Perth Australia

I attended this excellent event which began with an introduction by Jewish History teacher, Shirley Atlas, followed by groups of  Year 10 students introducing their survivor’s story. We were then invited to view their presentations set up around the high school hall.

The survivors featured were from Poland, Hungary, German, Holland and Lithuania.

Here are a few photos taken on the evening

img_2252 img_2254 img_2258 img_2259

Heiny Ellert’s team – video presentation:


img_2278 img_2277

Olivia Walters, Yannai Goldberg, Aaron Grolman, and Teagan Joffe

Heiny’s testimony which I filmed for the Holocaust Institute in 2015:

The Neishtot-Tavrig KehilaLink


My visit in 2016

Žemaičių Naumiestis