South African Landsmanshaften

From David Solly Sandler:

I am appealing for information, any publications or articles on SOUTH AFRICAN LANDSMANSHAFTEN  (ASSOCIATIONS)

(AKA  Sick and Benefit Societies/ Mutual Aid Societies)

In South Africa in the early 1900s in there were many Mutual Aid Societies/Associations/Landsmanshaften from mainly Lithuanian towns including: Aniksht, Birzh, Chelm ( Poland), Dvinsk (Latvia), Keidan, Kelme, Kovno, Krakinowo, Kroze, Kupishok, Kurland (Latvia), Lutzin, Malat, Minsk (Belarus), Ponevez, Poswohl, Plungyan, Rakishok, Riga (Latvia), Shavlan, Shavl, Shater, Tels, Utiyan, Vilna and Zhagar.

To help one another and the new immigrants arriving with virtually nothing, Landsleit (people from the same towns or districts) banded together to form Landsmanshaften (Mutual Aid Societies) that helped the sick and poor, buried the dead and provided interest free loans to help members start businesses. They also provided a place where the community of mainly men ‘greeners’ could gather and socialise.

My next compilation PG will be SOUTH AFRICAN LANDSMANSHAFTEN (Jewish Sick and Benefit Societies / Associations of the early 20th century).

While I have published booklets on Keidan and Krakenowo and have booklets on Ponevez and Malat, I am appealing for information and any other publications of these Landsleit or any others from South Africa.  Also, I am seeking publications of any Jewish Communities in Johannesburg.

If anyone can help, please contact me: David Solly Sandler

With David Solly Sandler