Leaving Memel – Refugees from the Reich

Leaving Memel – Refugees from the Reich is Fred Finkelstein’s current film on his family, thirty-five years in the making.
This is a film based on the life events of Cherie Goren and her family, who were forced to leave their home in Memel, now Klaipeda, Lithuania, when the Nazis took over the country in 1941. Cherie’s story is captured in this remarkable film by producer Fred Finkelstein, Cherie’s nephew. The film has enjoyed worldwide circulation, by describing how this family survived during one of civilization’s most horrible periods. 
From Fred Finkelstein:
I want people to see the film and foster dialogue around the issues that are front and centre, especially human rights, immigration and the racism that so often accompanies it.
Whether you are Jewish or not, the issues brought to light here touch all of us, in ways both subtle and overt.
Watch the movie:
Leaving Memel

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Online screener for “Leaving Memel: Refugees from the Reich” Produced & Directed by Fred Finkelstein Edited by Pad McLaughlin ©2018 Fred Finkelstein

Movie Source: vimeo.com/256360106/2c142b998f

Fred Finkelstein:
Memel / Klaipeda KehilaLink:

Warsaw-Vilnius-Klaipeda 18

Warsaw to Vilnius

I usually take the Lux bus. What a pleasure travelling this way, by plane. An hour fifteen minutes!

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Klaipeda Jewish Community Centre

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The Centre

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Klaipėda – Wikipedia

Klaipėda – Wikipedia

Klaipėda (Lithuanian pronunciation: [ˈkɫɐɪˑpʲeːdɐ],  listen (help·info); Samogitian name: Klaipieda, Polish name: Kłajpeda, German name: Memel), is a city in Lithuania on the Baltic Sea coast. It is the third largest city in Lithuania and the capital of Klaipėda County.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klaipeda

Jewish Community of Klaipe—da

Jewish Community of Klaipėda

Contact Feliks Pozemskij, Klaipėda Jewish Community chairperson, tel. 8-650-21335 email felix.bonasta@yahoo.com

Source: www.lzb.lt/en/2012/02/27/jewish-community-of-klaipeda/

Jewish Klaipe—da | Sightseeing 

Jewish Klaipėda | Sightseeing | Klaipeda

Jews were first mentioned as living in the city in 1567, although much the same as with the remarkably similar city of Gdańsk, the Jews never made an enormous impact on Klaipėda as they did in the rest of the region. By the time the Germans re-occupied the city in March 1939 some 8,000 Jews had al

Source: www.inyourpocket.com/klaipeda/sightseeing/jewishklaipeda

Beit Hatfutsot – Memel

Source: dbs.bh.org.il/place/memel-klaipeda


Memel, Lithuania

Source: kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/memel/Home.html