Atzalynas Gimnazija Kedainiai Visit 2017

The Keidaner Family tree on Laima’s classroom wall – an unique work of art!

The complex of two synagogues and the tree featuring the names of Keidaners, including  my 3rd great grandfather Zalman Tzoref in the centre.

created by student Karolina Silvestraviciute

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Activities at the school including my presentation, a visit to the science lab and participation in classroom activities.

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English teacher Laima Ardaviciene inspires us all, seen here talking to a journalist

Another amazing contribution by Laima and her students for the TEC – Tolerance Education Centre program.

See link below


Kėdainių Atžalyno gimnazija – Tolerancijos ugdymo centras
​Kedainiai Atzalynas Gymnasium – Tolerance Educational Center


Our tour of the local regional museum.

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Images from the Jewish cemetery

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