Lita Shtetl Visits – 2018

Siauliai with Sania Kerbilis & Antonina Gainulina

 Panevezys with Gennady Kofman

Master Yuter Family Tree

Panevezys Telephone Directory

Visitors Book

With Gennady Kofman &  a scout group

Panevezys Lithuania


Josvainiai with Laima Ardaviciene and Harry Gorfine (Australia)

Ukmerge with Vida Pulkaunkiene & Arturas Taicos

Ukmerge, Lithuania

Kedainiai 2018

Rooted in Keidan

Rooted in Keidan

This post covers this year’s visit to my ancestral town of Kedainiai – Keidan in Lithuania and the activities of Laima Ardaviciene, English teacher at the Atzalynas High School. Each time I visit, there are so many new surprises in store for me! Thank you Laima!

70 Years After Destruction, Memory of Lithuanian Community Lives in Diaspora Descendents of Jews From Keidan Proudly Recall Roots People from my grandfather’s hometown in Lithuania were known to be…


Preserving Jewish memory – Bringing history to …- Mind Map

Preserving Jewish memory – Bringing history to …- Mind Map

Educational projects, Academic process, Meeting Keidaners 


Dan Fink – Rooted in Kedainiai


Dan Fink


Kedainiø „Atþalyno“ gimnazija

K�dainiø „Atþalyno“ gimnazija


Springtime – arriving at school
Keidaner Family Tree on Laima’s class room wall
New artwork
Virtual Meeting – Atzalynas Gimnazija, Kedainiai and Jerusalem Efrata College

Dr Ben-tsion Klibansky

Short Video

One of the MA students


The Video taken from the Israeli side

Virtual Meeting – Kėdainių „Atžalyno“ Gimnazija and Jerusalem Efrata College

A virtual meeting between students of the English teacher Laima Atzalynas Gimnazija, Kedainiai and students of the lecturer Dr. Ben-Tsiyon Klib…


An interview with Simonas


Morning Tea
Tea with the Director of the school, Gintaras Petrulis, teachers and students
Urte sings a Lithuanian folk song

about a soldier and a girl


Atzalynas Gimnazija song



Tour of the school

With Mantas and Arnas

The Atzalynas students with Laima at the Museum groundbreaking ceremony in Seduva

With Laima and Edwin Glasenberg  – framed sketch featuring a joint project between Atzalynas School and the Seduva High School
With Laima and student Giedrius
Tour of Old Kedainiai with Algirdas Juknevicius and two students, Mantas and Arnas, to help translate.

The complex of the two former synagogues

With Laima and Algirdas





Rebuilding the old bridge

Thank you, Algirdas

With Arnas, Mantas and Laima


Restoration of synagogue under way

Kedainiai. Past & Present

Video by Laima Ardaviciene

Kedainiai. Past & Present

Kedainiai. Past & Present


Recital in the former synagogue

Featuring Rachel Elezi – New York


The Holocaust Mass Grave and Memorial 

The Jewish Cemetery
An aerial photo of the Kedainiai Jewish cemetery. Laima’s students have been cleaning and documenting the matsevot.
Oak Trees Planted for Keidaners

 Memorial in Josvainiai near Kedainiai    



Josvainiai – Wikipedia

Josvainiai is a small town in Kėdainiai district, central Lithuania. It is located on the Šušvė River 10 km southwest from Kėdainiai. In the town there is a Catholic church, secondary school, post office and public library.