JHI Warsaw – The Jewish Historical Institute

Day Two in Warsaw was highlighted by a visit to JHI Warsaw

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I watched a 45 minute movie on Jewish life in Warsaw during the Holocaust.

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Followed by two exhibitions:

“AFTER THE HOLOCAUST. THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF POLISH JEWS 1944–1950 – a unique collection of documents, photographs and films illustrating the way the CCPJ operated.

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SALVAGED: The collections of paintings, drawings and sculpture held by the JHI Museum. According to the JHI, this exhibition is an attempt to break the silence surrounding these little known yet excellent artists.

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I also caught up with Aleksandra Dybkowska of the JHI Genealogy department


Also with Wojciech Konończuk


and Marla Raucher Osborn at FODZ

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Jewish Historical Institute

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Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw

An exhibition on the first floor

The Jewish Historical Institute (PolishŻydowski Instytut Historyczny or ŻIH) is a research institute in WarsawPoland, primarily dealing with the history of Jews in Poland


The Jewish Historical Institute was created in 1947 as a continuation of the Central Jewish Historical Commission, founded in 1944. The Jewish Historical Institute Association is the corporate body responsible for the building and the Institute’s holdings. The Institute falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. In 2009 it was named after Emanuel Ringelblum. The institute is a repository of documentary materials relating to the Jewish historical presence in Poland. It is also a centre for academic research, study and the dissemination of knowledge about the history and culture of Polish Jewry.

The most valuable part of the collection is the Warsaw Ghetto Archive, known as the Ringelblum Archive (collected by the Oyneg Shabbos). It contains about 6000 documents (about 30 000 individual pieces of paper).

Other important collections concerning World War II include testimonies (mainly of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust), memoirs and diaries, documentation of the Joint and Jewish Self-Help (welfare organizations active in Poland under the occupation), and documents from the Jewish Councils (Judenräte)

The section on the documentation of Jewish historical sites holds about 40 thousand photographs concerning Jewish life and culture in Poland.

The Institute has published a series of documents from the Ringelblum Archive, as well as numerous wartime memoirs and diaries.[1]

In 2011, Paweł Śpiewak, a Professor of Sociology at Warsaw University and former politician, was nominated as the Director of the Jewish Historical Institute by Bogdan Zdrojewski, Minister of Culture and National Heritage.[2]

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Johannesburg Jewish Life – Chazonim

A Blast From The Past

Look out for the Johannesburg Kehilalink – coming soon!
Please send me your photos.

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Photo:  thanks to Richard Altschuler

From Selwyn Brenner, Perth

This is a picture of the Northcliff Shul (Shabbat) Choir –  we used to have a larger choir for the high holidays. The picture was taken about 1974/5.

Back Row: Steven Rubenstein, Louis Neutel, Bennie Berkowitz, Selwyn Brenner, Mooly Geben, Harold Nakan,

Seated: Saul Neutel, Farrel Brenner, Rabbi Louis Reichenberg, Richard Altschuler (Choir Master), Jerome Geben

This picture used to hang in the shul’s cheder / committee room, but when the room was converted into a ‘little shul’ it was redecorated. I don’t know where the pictures were placed. There are other pictures of the various committees of the shul that I would love to have copies of. Louis Neutel, who is in the picture took on the job of ‘secretary of the shul some years ago… haven’t been in touch for ages, if he is still there he would know.

A meeting of Irgun Chazonim 1980 – 1985
Cantors and Choirmasters Association of SA
Rimer, Rosen, Kolman, Bagley, Rosenberg, Davidowitz, Rabinowitz, Hummelstein, Gluck

Davidowitz, Stern, Rabinowitz

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Vos Is Gevoren Fun Mein Shtetele – click on the link: