Ishmael Khaldi in Perth

CHABAD Noranda & Dianiella Mizrachi

Special Guest speaker for Seudah last week – 25th May  
One Man’s story, of Israel’s culture, society & politics, from the perspective of a bedouin minority, in the Jewish state.



 Ismael Khaldi earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Haifa and a master’s degree in political science and international relations from Tel Aviv University. He served in the Israeli Ministry of Defence, Israel Police, and in the Israel Defence Forces as a political analyst.   Diplomatic career Khaldi began working for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 2004 and In June 2006, he was appointed to serve in San Francisco, USA.   In August 2009, Khaldi was appointed policy advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman.  

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Ishmael also spoke to the community at the Jewish Centre, jointly hosted by the UIA, JNF and Friends of Israel.

On Tuesday he visited Edith Cowan University and met with Bill Allen, Senior Lecturer in the School of Education. 

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The Partisans’ Song was translated by Ishmael into Arabic:


Translated by Ishmael Khaldi

The Partisans’ Song = نشيد الانصار

Never say that there is only death for you = لا تقل هذه طريقي الأخيرة

Though leaden skies may be concealing days of blue= على الرغم من ان السماء الرصاصية ربما تخفي اياما زرقاء

Because the hour we have hungered for is near; =لان الساعة التي انتظرناها – قريبه

Beneath our tread the earth shall tremble — we are here! = تحت اقدامنا تهز الأرض – نحن هنا

From land of palm tree to the far-off land of snow, = من ارض جبل النخيل – الى بلاد الثلج البعيدة

We shall be coming with our torment and our woe; =سوف نأتي بآلامنا وحزننا

And everywhere our blood has sunk into the earth, = وفي كل مكان روت الأرض من دماءنا

Shall our bravery, our vigor blossom forth. =لتزهر شجاعتنا وقوتنا

We’ll have the morning sun to set our day aglow=شمس الصباح ستضوي يومنا

d all our yesterdays shall vanish with the foe; =وامسنا ستختفي مع العدو.

And if the time is long before the sun appears, = وإذا كان الوقت طويلاً قبل ظهور الشمس ،

Then let this song go like a signal through the years. = اذا دع هذه الأغنية تكن إشارة عبر السنين.

This song was written with blood and not with lead; = كتبت هذه الأغنية بالدم وليس بالرصاص ؛

It’s not a song that summer birds sing overhead; = إنها ليست أغنية تغنيها الطيور الصيف ؛

It was a people among toppling barricades, = كان الناس مع الحواجز المنهاره ،

That sang this song of ours with pistols and grenades. = الذين نشدو أغنيتنا بمسدسات وقنابل.

Never say that there is only death for you, = لا تقل أبداً أن هناك ل موتًا فقط ،

Though leaden skies may be concealing days of blue, = على الرغم من أن السماء الرصاصيهعلى قد تخفي أيامًا زرقاء ،

Because the hour we have hungered for is near; = لأن الساعة التي انتظرناها تقترب ؛

Beneath our tread the earth shall tremble—we are here! =تحت باطننا ترتعش الأرض- نحن هنا!

Allison Speiser’s talk about Merchav Am

CHABAD WA hosted a meet and greet as a promo for JNF WA’s main fund raising event which is on Sunday evening 9th November at 6pm at The Jewish Centre, Perth.

JNF WA has adopted and supports the Merchav Am community in the Negev.

In Conversation with … Allison Speiser at the Shul, Garson Court
on Thursday morning 6th November at 11am
Allison gave a most delightful and informative talk and the main JNF event should not to be missed.

About Allison Speiser


Allison Levine Speiser lives in Merchav Am, the southernmost religious yishuv in Israel (population: 60 families). Originally from Highland Park, NJ, she worked in the field of environmental science as well as in Jewish Education before moving to Israel in 2009. Professionally, Allison works at the Ben Gurion Heritage Institute part time, and her husband has a home office working in computer programming. She spends lots of time with her five very energetic kids, adjusting to caravan life, and trying to build a house. This past year she worked with Nefesh B’Nefesh’s “Go South” program as part of their Negev Leadership Circle. Allison feels strongly that the future of Israel is in the Negev, and she is thrilled that she’s able to play a small role in helping others find their way down south, working daily to make the desert bloom and see Ben Gurion’s dream become reality.

About Merchav Am

Merhav Am (Hebrewמֶרְחָב עַםlit. National Expanse) is a religious communal settlement in the Negev desert in Israel. Located between Yeruham and the kibbutz of Sde Boker, it is part of the Ramat HaNegev Regional Council.


It was founded by the Or Movement on 1 November 2001 and has a population of around 60 families, many of them living in caravans.


The original name for the settlement was intended to be Halukim due to its proximity to the Halukim Hills (the nearest road junction is called the Halukim Junction). However, after around a year it was renamed Merhav Am, inspired by the wide open area in which it was to be built, as well as in honour of Rehavam Ze’evi, a former Minister who was assassinated in 2001: In Hebrew Merhav (מרחב – MRHV) means “wide open spaces” whilst Rehavam is spelt using the last three letters of the word plus two more (רחבעם – RHVAM). Combining the two gives Merhav Am (MRHV+AM).

For more info visit:


Merchav Am is 30 min from Mitzpe Ramon

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.47.59 pm

Here are some of my photos from my trip to Mitzpe Ramon last year with Ronen, Racheli & Kalya

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