Marijampole 2016


City in Lithuania
Marijampolė is an industrial city and the capital of the Marijampolė County in the south of Lithuania, bordering Poland and Russian Kaliningrad oblast, and Lake Vištytis. The population of Marijampolė is 48,700. Wikipedia
Area21 km²
Population54,131 (Jan 20, 2016)

The Marijampole KehilaLink, Click on image

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For my 2015 images of Marijampole, click on this image:
My Jewish Virtual Heritage Travel post from 2015


The cemetery

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The former synagogue

IMG_7303 IMG_7304 IMG_7306 IMG_7309 IMG_7313

Around the town

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Ruoščiai, the Centre of Lithuania & Krakes


The Centre of Lithuania

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Stones marking the geographical center of Lithuania

Ruoščiai is a small village in Kėdainiai district municipalityLithuania. Located about 3 km from Dotnuva, it had 35 residents according to the 2001 census.[1]The settlement is known as the geographical center of Lithuania, which was calculated in 1995.[2]


Krakes Jewish Cemetery


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Center of the town
Center of the town
Coat of arms of Krakės
Coat of arms

Holocaust Memorial

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