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Videos of the Partisan Poem and Song Project

ORT Compilation video:

Project Video

Playing the ORT video to Fania Brancovskaja in Vilnius in May 2017

Solomo Aleichemo ORT singing the song during my visit in May 2017

Herzl Lyceum ORT, Chisinau, Moldova

ORT Tallinn, Estonia

Solomo Aleichemo ORT, Vilnius, Lithuania

ORT Chernivsti, Ukraine

Kiev ORT #141, Ukraine

ORT Odessa, Ukraine

Moscow 1540 ORT, Russia

Kazan ORT, Russia

Samara ORT, Russia

Mexico CIM ORT

Herzlia High School, Cape Town, South Africa

King David Victory Park, Johannesburg South Africa

Shalom Aleichem College, Melbourne, Australia

Dylan Kotkis of Carmel School, Perth

Don’t Give Up Project Video

The Poem in English

The Poem in Lithuanian

Tzvi Friedl

Phillip Maisel

Phillip Maisel – Longer Interview

The Music

Online Class Herzlia & 5 schools from FSU 

 Other Videos

JPPS School Montreal, Canada

Melbourne Jewish Youth Choir

Mt Scopus Melbourne

KDS, United Kingdom

Sauleketis School, Vilnius Lithuania

The Partisans Of Vilna

Hirsh Glik

Abba Kovner

Music at the end of the movie