Zeldin Houses in Riga

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Yesterday was an momentous day – Elena Spungina, my Jewish Latvian guide took me on a walking tour of the Old Town of Riga. We visited the only surviving shul in Riga. We then drove to the areas of Jewish interest as well as where the Zeldin family lived. I will be sending a more detailed account of this later, as I am being picked up early today to drive the 3 hours to Daugavpils.

I will also note on the map where these places are so that you can get the context to the Old Town and Riga suburbs.  Some of the addresses were in easy walking distance to the Old Town.

I have taken lots of photos from different angles and video footage with commentary by Elena, which will be sent at a later stage. 

The photos below are as follows:



This is where Isocher Zeldin lived in 1927. It used to be Parka St 3-2, now A Kalnina St. Elena had to look up the address in an old map book.

In a very good area, although the building is now in a poor state! 

Opposite a good hotel and about 200 metres from a lovely big park.



This is Lacplesa St 116-11 where Chasa (Granny), rael (Rachel) and Hana Lea (Chana) lived before going to Sth Africa in 1937. This is further out from the town, a building in reasonable condition. It was near the Jewish school and near where the Ghetto was going to be located. Will also send you photos of Ghetto area.




There is no building at Gertrudes St 65, but this is where Eta and Guta lived before going to Sth Africa. Near the town



This is where Haja (Anne) lived – Marijas St 13. Nice part of town. The location is now a smart hotel called the Berg.




This is where David lived. Lacplesa St 129. In a poor area now.



Please read the notes in the file zeldin.docx for more cross references.

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