White Schooldays: Coming of Age In Apartheid South Africa

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White Schooldays: Coming-of-Age In Apartheid South Africa


by Ismé Bennie (Author)



Ismé Bennie reflects on her life of privilege as a young white Jewish South African growing up during the tumultuous and unjust Apartheid era.

As a young girl she was not aware of how advantaged she was, she was a child at play under the South African sun.

White Schooldays is a reflection on the relative normalcy of Bennie’s life in the 1940s and 1950s – a life filled with her pets, family, school and friends. As a Jew, Bennie was a minority within a minority, but she still enjoyed the benefits of life as a white South African. Her everyday experiences stand in stark contrast to the suffering of the black community, the violence and discrimination that went on around her.

White Schooldays is Bennie’s homage to a way of life that was special and beautiful for those who were privileged to lead it. In this collection of pieces, with a strong Jewish thread running through it, she paints a picture of daily life as she remembers it.

But these memories are underscored with the political reality of the times!


Preview one of Isme’s stories, “George or Holidays By the Sea”, which appears in this book,

This story can be found on the Muizenberg KehilaLink here:

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About the Author

Ismé Bennie is a graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. She started her career as a librarian, but a move to Canada led her to become one of the most respected women in Canadian broadcasting. She has received numerous honors including the Canadian Film and Television Production Association Personal Achievement Award; the Jack Chisholm Lifetime Achievement Award; and the Toronto Women in Film and Television Outstanding Achievement Award.

Now writing full time, Bennie has published articles on a variety of topics, from food to crime fiction, and contributes to New York-based VideoAge International on Canadian media issues.


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