Views of Israel


My arrival in Israel and some views of Gan Yavneh and Jerusalem



The Jerusalem Great Synagogue, the Hechal Shlomo Museum and views from the roof of the museum.



The Hurva Synagogue in the Old City.

My third Great Grandfather Avraham Shlomo Zalman Tsoref, a student of the Vilna Gaon, was responsible in 1836 for obtaining the rights to build the synagogue. He was later assassinated.

My great grandfather Michel Avraham Herison was a gabbai at the shul in later years.

The note from my friend Tony Sachs got me through security into the shul.

Once they found out about my ancestry – I showed them my family tree on my iPad –  I was introduced to the English speaking guide, Naama, who gave me a superb one to one tour of the shul.

It was amazing how quickly news travelled and several members of the guide staff came up to greet this Antipodean descendant of Tsoref’s!




Ronen and I drove up to Kibbutz Bar’am on the Lebanese border via the Dead Sea, the West Bank and the Kinneret. Here are some of the views.



Early the next morning I was back in the car first with Adi’s dad Moshe Harel to Herzlia and then with Eytan to Ashkelon:



Here are some of the views of Ashkelon and its rapidly growing community – thanks to an excellent tour by Gidon


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