Video clips of my Trip


I have now edited some video of my trip to Central Europe, Turkey, Israel and the UK.

I have uploaded some short clips and these can be accessed via the links below. They do not need passwords.


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The first group of videos are from my visit to Vilnius. The others of Latvia, Poland, Hungary and Israel will follow.


My guide, Regina Kopilevich, kept me on my toes for 12 hours from 9am until 9pm when I left by bus to Bialystok. 

I can recommend Regina who is very knowledgeable, also a researcher and well connected. She has lots of energy!

The Vilna Jewish museums (there are several) are excellent and I was fortunate to meet Rachel Kostanian who is now the Curator at the Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum.

What a gem!


In the first clip Regina discusses the map of Jewish Lithuania at the time of the Holocaust:


Regina shows me an exhibit of the synagogues in Lithuania, especially Kedainiai, where my 3rd Great Grandfather Abraham Shlomo Zalman Zoref was born in 1785:



Kruk vs Krok – the confusion as to where Michel Avraham Herison (Hirschsohn), my Great Grandfather was born in 1862. Has it been solved?



Regina then translates an extract from the book by Berl Kahn: Yidishe shtet, shtetlekh un dorfishe yishuvim in Lite biz 1918. This book, published in 1992, is kept in the museum and these pages are about Kedainiai and Zoref:



Rachel also helps with the translation:



The pages in Yiddish:




A page in English with more info about Kedainiai:




Rachel sends a message to all her friends:



A moving exhibit at the museum:



We visit the gravesite of the Vilna Gaon:



Another clip from the Vilna Jewish Cemetery:



For descendants of the Zoref or anyone connected to or interested in the Salomon family, there are celebrations and exhibits this October in Israel, marking the 200th anniversary of the Zoref’s arrival in Israel.

For more information, visit the Salomon Family Website (in English or Hebrew) at:



From left: Aryeh Leib Rabinowitz, Isaac Rabinowitz, Chana Chesha Miriam Rabinowitz (nee Herison), Sarah Leah Gittel Herison, Chaya Dvorah Alte Herison (nee Salomon – Zoref’s grandaughter) , Osher Smuel Herison, Esther Breine Herison (nee Levite), Yisrael Yehuda Yudel Herison, Rae Kiersen (nee Herison)



Michel Avraham Herison married to Chaya Dvorah Alte Herison, grand daughter of Zoref.





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