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Those who follow my blog will know that I visited Dresden Germany in May this year.

It is a fascinating city that was virtually flattened by the Allies in WWII. Now a major centre of art and culture in modern Germany, Dresden has a synagogue built on the site of its predecessor, burnt down on Kristallnacht in November 1938.

A kehilalink is a set of webpages about a Jewish community, which contains information, photos, stories or memoirs, written by volunteers. Dresden is the latest of my ten kehilalinks I have written.

For the full list, visit:

The kehilalink network is part of, the largest Jewish Genealogical organisation, based in New York.

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Here is a short clip of Abe Sher talking about the bombing of Dresden in February 1945, when he was held as a prisoner of war nearby.
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A note of explanation from Julian Sher, Abe’s son:

My dad, Abe Sher was in a camp known as Stalag IVC on the outskirts of the town of Bruex in the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, on what was the border area with Germany up to 1938  – as it still is. In March 1938 the Sudetenland became part of the Greater German Reich ie it was incorporated into Germany.

The Czech word for Bruex is Most. It means bridge.  The town was literally relocated by the Russians after the war to a nearby site. During the war and in fact to this day, Most had a petrol refinery just like Sasol. It manufactured petrol from coal. In my dad’s time this was owned and run by the Reichswerke Hermann Goering. That is where my dad worked from 1943 to 1945.

Most was and is close to Chemnitz, which is but 50 or so kilometres from Dresden. In terms of WW2 bombing accuracy, this distance is negligible and within the target.  You will see on the map that the three cities of Most, Chemnitz and Dresden form an equilateral triangle.

Apart from the night of the Dresden raid, my dad was bombed day and night from 1943 to the war’s end in May 1945. He was liberated on the last day of the war which was his birthday. The best birthday present?

Julian Sher

Perth, Western Australia

16 October 2013

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