Research at UCT

Last December Jill and I visited our alma mater, the University of Cape Town.

We spent time around Jamison Avenue and did some research in the Jagger Library.

The campus as a movie set!


Jameson Avenue

Jammie Hall


Where we met


Our graduations in 1974 and 1975


The Jagger Library

Documents found in the Library: The Jewish Sick Relief Society.
My grandfather Rev N M Rabinowitz was the secretary for 44 years!



A selection of photos found in the library

A movie set on campus

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  1. Last month I visited UCT and was impressed with the help and ease in finding information at the Jagger Library. In addition a staff member walked with me to the Kaplan Centre where Janine Blumberg found exactly the information that I had come to South Africa in search of!I The upper campus of UCT is impressive and beautiful. I was encouraged to see the vast variety of happy students.
    Carol Hoffman
    Tel Aviv

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