Orla – 11 May 2012

We met Ray and Heinrich Hengy from Freiberg, Germany at our hotel in Warsaw at 7:45am. This was the first time we have met. Ray’s mother Paula was engaged to my Great Uncle Moshe, when he was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident 6 weeks before they were to be married in South Africa around 1929. They were both from Orla.

For more on this the story and how Ray and I made contact, see the Moshe and Paul story at:


Wojciech Kononczuk picked us up and he met Ray for the first time as well.



Our first stop was Treblinka Concentration Camp.

Israelis were attending memorial ceremonies.

We had our own memorials for Orla (Ray and me) and Nasielsk (Jill)



The road to Orla



We arrived at the Orla Synagogue to be met by Marek, Dariusz, Radek and Katya.

Marek is the local farmer and councillor born in Orla, Dariusz is from the local school and Radek, assisted by Katya is a movie maker. Radek filmed and interviewed Ray and myself.



Klezmer music made in Orla


A quick stop in Bielsk Podlaski to see Wojciech’s good work (Mark Gordon).



Bialystok for late lunch and a couple of highlights and then back late to Warsaw








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