Orientation Walk around Berlin Day 1

Photos from our first afternoon and evening orientation walk around Berlin.

We are based in the East, near the Haupbahnhof – the main train station and opposite the Naturkunde Museum.

An amazing place to walk around and take in the sites.



Arrival in Berlin

Specially painted Olympics dove logo on BA plane.

Rewe supermarket. Food so cheap compared to Australia



Interesting sites: buildings, grafitti, signs and people in the Oranienburger Strase area in East Berlin



New Synagogue Berlin in Oranienburger Strase



Less a km away is Museum Island, including the Pergamon, Altes and Bode museums.



Around the Berliner Dom on the Unter Der Linden



The Brandburger Tor (Gate) at sunset



The Bundestag – German Parliament.






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  1. Nice pictures! Regarding the 12th from the top, with the parking lot that’s unintentionally in the picture – I’m not sure you were aware of that, but this exact parking lot was originally Berlin’s very first reform temple (as a dedicated building), dating back to 1854. Till 1938 (Kristallnacht) they still had their Shabbat services on Sundays. There’s a plaque commemorating the fairly large temple, but it is easy to miss with all the cars parking there. Even though it probably wasn’t the intention, this could also be interpreted as a picture of the void that is so typical to Berlin’s “ghost Judaism”.

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