Flying Emirates to Dubai

My first time on Emirates. I was very impressed.

An international  crew, South African pilot, the two ladies who attended to me were Alana from Toronto and Yolandi from Poznan, Poland. Excellent service. Thank you.



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I bumped Ben and Greta from Melbourne in Dubai. Ben and I were the Jewish witness and videographer respectively at all three Schnider boys weddings including the last one in Brisbane. Good to see them again.

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Yummy chocolates!

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I am now in London in transit to Basel, Switzerland and then Freiburg, Germany.

It is always a long journey when you live in Australia!

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In Stan Smookler’s Good Shabbas newsletter this week:

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You may ask what I usually pack in my bags. Have a look:

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Shabbat Shalom



4 Replies to “Flying Emirates to Dubai”

  1. I hope you also have insurance with all those expensive camera gear plus other stuff says:

    I hope you also bring clothes!!Ha Ha

  2. Hi Eli,
    I have the same Nikon and bring almost as much material when I travel…Sometimes I am completely lost! Welcome to Europe. Have a safe and happy trip! I envy you!

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