Daugavpils is a provincial city. It is worlds apart from the sophistication of the capital, Riga. Here are a few photos of the downtown area. What strikes one is that this was a city that had a majority of Jews, yet there are very few clues left of this. In fact, unless one has a Jewish guide, you would not find them!



Looking for our family addresses in Daugavpils did not yield the same success as we had in Riga. Much of the town had been destroyed by the Nazis, so whole blocks had disappeared.

Lena found the street names we were looking for, but in several places there were just big parks. At least the surroundings gave us some “feel” of the neighbourhood.


The Zeldins lived in Raina St 43-1 Daugavpils. This is what the area looks like today.



According to the documents, this is where the Yonin family lived.



The highlight of our visit to Daugavpils was the synagogue, which was restored by money donated by the family of Mark Rothko, the famous Jewish artist born in Dvinsk. We were met by Honon Shperling, who runs the centre. It has a very interesting museum upstairs which we spent time in. The museum exhibits highlight the extent and richness of Jewish live in Dvinsk up to the Holocaust.

You may notice one of the buildings I photographed is in an old photo in the museum display.

Honon has a brother in Jo’burg – Haim Shperling. If anyone knows of him, please let me know.




Yummy food to eat – just like Mum made!




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